Online Poker Room receives Death Threats

by Jeremy

Michael Gallagher was suffering through a pretty bad year when it came to online poker. In fact, the UK poker player had lost over £31,000 in a single year. Unfortunately, Gallagher didn’t handle the situation very well, and he resorted to sending death threats to the online poker room where he played.

According to new reports, Gallagher’s chilling emails said that he would walk into the poker site’s office, and kill everybody with a sawed-off shotgun if they didn’t return all of his money. After sobering up the next day, Gallagher realized what a terrible mistake he had made, and tried to rectify the situation by sending another email that apologized for the incident. However, few people are very forgiving when you threaten to kill them with a shotgun, and the anonymous poker site alerted authorities to the emails.

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Once the police got involved, they spoke to Michael Gallagher, and he was charged with blackmail and extortion; however, Gallagher’s defense team was able to reduce the severity of the charges by pleading guilty to offense of electronic communication while issuing a threat.

At this time, we don’t know Gallagher’s fate because the judge is still mulling over the decision. The defense team tried to get the judge to decide quickly so Michael Gallagher wasn’t in suspense over the decision, but this request was denied.

As for the poker site in question, no news reports actually named the poker room, but it could be PokerStars since the site was listed in the Isle of Man. If this is true, 2011 has been one terrible year for the world’s largest online poker site when you consider Black Friday and the possible death threats.