One Tree Hill’s Paul Johansson plays in PCA Main Event

by Jeremy Olson on January 10, 2014

paul-johansson-pokerPaul Johansson is well known for playing the evil Dan Scott on One Tree Hill. But one thing that many people don’t know about Johansson is that he’s also a pretty serious poker player.

The 49-year-old actor recently put his poker skills on display in the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. Despite a very tough field, Johansson played well and made it to Day 2 of the tournament. “This is the best field I’ve ever played in,” he said regarding the PCA Main Event. “It’s better than the WSOP, which I’ve played twice. There are a lot of players in Vegas who can’t play. These guys are all talented here.”

It should be no surprise that Johansson made it this far in the tournament. After all, he’s played a lot of poker in the past and even won his PCA seat. The famed actor finished well enough in the LA Police Memorial Foundation Celebrity Poker Tournament to book his trip to the Bahamas.

Johansson discussed the satellite tournament where he won his $10k PCA seat by saying, “I played really tight and seemed to get big hands when I needed them. James Gandolfini, who is no longer with us, Jennifer Tilly and a bunch of poker pros that are here were actually at the tournament.”

Much of Johansson’s previous poker experience came in Wilmington, North Carolina while filming One Tree Hill. While he said that most of the actors didn’t play much poker, there were a lot of cash games going on in the Wilmington area. Based on the way he played at the PCA Main Event, it definitely seems like Johnansson learned a thing or two in these cash games.