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OMGClayAiken Sets New Table Record

by Poker Team

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond plays in the highest 6-max games on FullTilt Poker. As such, he’s had some very large winning days. However, he did something in the past 24 hours that is quite notable. At one point during a session played last night, Galfond was sitting on a stack of $1.5 million at a $500/$1000 no limit hold em 6-max table. The $1.5 million stack is believed to be the largest stack at a single table in online poker history.

Before getting up from the table, Galfond took a couple of hits but still left with $1,266,264, which is a bit more than that of the previous record holder, durrrr. Impressively, Galfond’s profit over the past 24 hours is over $631,000.

At present, there isn’t a complete hand history available of Galfond’s amazing rush though he did win 3 different pots in excess of $400,000 each. He recorded his biggest online hand win holding pocket Jacks for a pot of $404,292. In addition, Galfond was chasing a flush draw holding the 4-5 of clubs and spiked bottom pair on the river to scoop a pot worth $446,632.

One of his more interesting hands however, occurred fairly early on in the game. Holding two black Kings in the cutoff, Galfond opened for $3,500 from the cutoff seat. He has called by the small blind, a player named luvthewnba. The flop came out 8c-7s-4s. Luvthewnba checked and Galfond bet $5,600. The turn was a beautiful card for Galfond as it was the King of hearts giving him top set. Again luvthewnba checked and Galfond bet $15,200. This time, his opponent made a huge re-raise to $61,999. Galfond thought for a moment and made the call. The river was another thing of beauty for Galfond as it was the 4s giving him Kings full of fours. Luvthewnba pushed his remaining $130,549 into the pot and Galfond inst-called with his boat. He scooped the monster pot and poor luvthewnba flashed 2 red Aces. It turned out that Galfond needed the 2-outer he hit otherwise he wouldn’t be the news of the day.

Source: HighStakesDB

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