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Ole-Kristian Nergard folds Big Winning Hand

by Jeremy

Over the past few weeks, 19-year-old Ole-Kristian Nergard has gained quite a bit of fame for playing high stakes poker games in Macau. And just recently, he’s gained a lot more attention after British poker player Andrew Feldman started tweeting about how Nergard folded a huge winning hand. Feldman started the twittering with the following posts:

Dwan first hand calls an UTG raise from @oknergard and check raises a T96 flop, Ole three bets and calls Dwans 1.5m shove with QJ…

Turn was an ace which is certain. But I’m convinced the river was an 8 yet @oknergard says it was a 7 or paired the board. #3.5mgiftfordwan

@oknergard is calling everyone in the game to find out what they think and is going to check the casino cameras…

@oknergard says he’s always misreading hands and his eyes aren’t great! He said if he mucked biggest hand of his life he will bungee jump!

Dwan of course flopped the nuts with 7-8 and @oknergard only remembers looking for king so isn’t 100% sure of river, but I know it was an 8!

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Apparently, Nergard wasn’t too happy about Feldman discussing him folding a $450k winning hand with the nuts. The Swede tweeted the following to Feldman after being fed up with his twitter barrage:

@Andrewfeldman1 ur so full of bullshit;)

@Andrewfeldman1 I dont like u

@Andrewfeldman1 “hehe” I dnt give a fk. Lost biggest pot and u just keep needling me to death, saying anything to tilt me. Not cool anymore

It looks like the twitter battle has finally cooled off for a while, but it’s doubtful that Nergard and Feldman will be buddies when they sit down to the Macau poker tables together again.

  • Stevesayetta

    you tell a story like an f in convict.  Ridiculous

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