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Obscure Poker Site Keeps Grrrinding Away

by Jeremy recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in March, and looking back, founder David Webb chuckles at how appropriate his name selection has become. During the past year, Grrrinders has overcome so many obstacles in its road to success that even the most ardent poker player would truly be impressed.

Grrrinders was welcomed to the world of poker with Three DOS attacks within its first 10 days. “It was crazy, our very first day hosting tournaments for cash prizes and boom the site comes down,” recalls Webb. Two more times, hackers were successful, carefully plotting the DOS attacks. Webb added, “I’m glad they did it when they did as it allowed us to find the security flaws early in our development - one of the hackers was really brilliant. He designed a robot that, once inside the game room, tried to register 100,000 people within a minute. The work that was put into that hack was purely genius.”

Banking institutions weren’t exactly sold on Grrrinders either. Grrrinders is a membership-based community of poker players, where players purchase a $29.95 optional membership and play unlimited freerolls each day for cash and prizes. Paypal was their original processor, but they stopped processing transactions less than 30 days in. “Paypal told us that they received hundreds of reports that we were a gambling site, and we were in violation of their TOS. My guess is whomever was responsible for the failed DOS attacks, tried to bring us down through Paypal,” reflects Webb.

Grrrinders found another processor a few weeks later that seized nearly $11,000 in membership dues - citing that Grrrinders was promoting gambling. “It was absurd. They completely reviewed our entire site prior to accepting us, and then used a link from a PokerNews feed they found on our site to claim we were promoting illegal gambling”.

Black Friday appeared to be the final nail in the coffin for Grrrinders since nervous bank officials threatened to seize all personal and business assets, as Grrrinders had just begun ACH transactions. “Despite all of the legal documentation and legal opinions - including references from the State of Nevada that Grrrinders was not a gambling site, but was in fact a sweepstakes site - the bank stated that if we deposited another dollar into the account, everything would be seized.”

In June of last year, Grrrinders stopped offering cash prizes and paid out over $135,000 owed to the players on the site. Instead of closing, they kept the doors open for free play and the popular blogs and forums. Hundreds continued to support the site, and Webb became even more determined to keep Grrrinders alive.

Armed with a plethora of legal opinions, licenses and court rulings, Webb approached hundreds of banks and credit card processing firms. “After Black Friday, just the word ‘poker’ made people just look for excuses not to even review our materials. In August, Webb approached and found a company with an open ear. WePay sent the legal docs through every channel including legal, security, and eventually their C.E.0 gave Grrrinders a big thumbs-up. On September 10th relaunched its tournaments for cash and prizes - defying all odds.

“If I wasn’t a poker player, I never would have endured this. Poker teaches us to grind, to never give up, and with proper preparation, we will be successful. Chip and chair…chip and chair.”

Since September, has given away 25 $1,000 seats to the World Series of Poker, another 10 seats to regional WSOPC, HPT, WPT and the Venetian Deepstacks tournaments, plus over $240,000 in cash prizes. Grrrinders has grown to over 5,500 users. Tournament fields are small, averaging around 300 players for its major events. Also, tournaments are always free to enter. Voluntary memberships are available for $29.95 per month, which gives you access to blogging, photo and music storage, message forums, newsletters, and the opportunity to become a sponsored pro - plus instant access to the diamond room, where the major tourneys are held free of charge.

  • IHateJackzz

    biggest donkey site there is… players and crybabies….too much b.s. when you have a ‘social network’ and so-called poker site together. They have skypes abilities they promote…and there is a lot of chip dumping and collusion amongst the ‘regulars’. WORST SITE EVER!!!       By…IHateJackzz

  • DellGriffith

    YES!!! I PLAYED THAT SITE BEFORE…THEY RIP PEOPLE OFF REGULARLY…THEY HAVE A TOURNEY FOR A ‘I LOVE LUCY WATCH” (cheap junk from China) and they never pay off….or take months to do so.  The owner of the site kicks people off, so he won’t have to pay them,if you call anyone a donk, or other innoccuous little name. Its a joke …a pyrimid scheme if ever I saw it…word is the guy runs it out of the trailor he lives in in Sparks Nv. ROFLMAO!!

  • HateDonks

    You guys should research A little before you put a story out about a rip off site like Grrrinders. It IS a pyramid scheme…he doesnt pay until he has enough new subscriptions to pay off the “winners” and it IS tru he kicks off anyone who has the unmitigated gall to offend the donks who have purchased lifetime memberships. The site is the joke of the internet poker world. Anytime a Grrrinders “player” is spotted in a b&m casino with their stupid little grrrinders hats on…people laugh at them and poke fun at the site….even to their faces sometimes!!! lol

  • Family690

    Way to hang in there David…I for one have found a home after many years of trying weak ..rigged and unwelcoming sites…..i wish u nothing but the best…keep it legit and running smooth and youll have me and many of my friends for life….Love of the game keeps us grrrinding…and much appreciation for your persistance to keep GRRRINDERS ALIVE!!!!

  • RoyalFlusher

    Too bad its such a joke…it does give the old folks who dont know how to play poker a social network to discuss their bad play and bingo tactics. The perfect site for them…true. They do seem to love being loser Railbirds and cheerleaders for their like-minded lotto mentality friends. Sorry…gotta call it like I see. The site is a joke and no self-respecting poker player would be caught dead there.

  • Velveetamonroe

    RoyalFlusher is right it is a social site for over 40 and I agree with what he says about the kinda of play that you find there. But when you don’t pay to play it is the perfect excuse to play bingo style. Any real poker player will play their best game whether they pay 10 cents or 100 dollars or nothing at all……….

  • MartyRDom


  • MusicLover

    Its a great place ….if you like to cry and snivel on the rail…..anyone who likes getting ratted on by ugly old Hags….sign up. But… the snitch-clique will get you if they get beat by you!  Total bunch of losers and crybabies. Couch potato hang out for Pedophiles and creepy old men. The ‘women’…. if you can call em that…are the biggest bunch of donks you have ever seen….and…UGGGGGGGGGGLY!! TOTAL JOKE SITE…BINGO!!!

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    Agree 100%….The site is a JOKE!!   Nothing but stupid donks and lying sleezy people associated with the owners. It is true that it is run from a trailor park in Nevada by some dirt bag trailor trash guy known as Chaingsman..has a dirt bag named Codd helping him cheat people outta their money. Want to be smart? Dont play on this donk site!!

  • PhilHellmuth


  • DellGriffith

    Hi…my name is DELLGRIFFITHS. I am a long time member of Grrrinders. I am also a member of team Grrrinders. I have been having a bad concsience lately and feel it is my duty to tell everyone…THIS SITE IS A TOTAL RIP OFF!!  Myself and  several others have colluded. I cannot…in all honesty reccomend this site to ANYONE!!!  Beware of it!!  this is a honest statemant from a total donk!! thank you for your time….

  • MackinawGirl

    I know these people and they would never say stuff like this! Someone putting names on here and making it look like people are saying them. Grrrinders is a GREAT place to play good poker! I have never had trouble getting my checks from them or any of the awful things that some hater is putting on here making it look like others were saying it. Why sabotage a good site?
    Grrrinders is the place to play. Come see for yourself.

  • Joespat75


  • queenodimnds

    These posts below are all posted by the same poster falsifying real players names. If aintluck would investigate, they would find this is true and maybe legal action can be taken. A disgruntled player posted all 10, and it’s not true..Grrrinders is a great place to play!!!!

  • Joespat75




  • IBT745Eaglet

    I cannot help but notice all of the bad press being given to grrrinders here has the same style in the posts.  It is all being done by the same person and does in no way reflect the play or people of grrrinders.  I have been a paing member playing in any tournament I choose to and have received a redemption check every time I have requested 1. David Webb has done nothing but put together a place that those who want to be serious at this game msy do so without having to invest 10′s of thousands of dollars to see if they have what it takes to make the move to the next level, or just play for fun and friendship.





  • Anonymous

      FIRST OF ALL THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY MUSICLOVER member of grrrinders.. the individual that has posted a comment using my screen name is has came here trying to do nothing but sabotage  Grrrinders… I have been a member since the beta testing..and have played at several sub poker sites over the past few  is by far in a league in its own.. the members there in the community… are a great group of people.. and the play level is above all I have ever seen at a sub site.. I have taken advantage of learning to work on my poker skill there.   David Webb is a wonderful person, he has stayed very active with the community, and has provided a great poker home for all of us members.   I look forward to each time I log in to play poker and have visit with friends.   Have done pretty good on winning money as well!.. 
    The customer support rep Randy (aka Coddfish).. is an inch short of being superman for us all.. have never been a member anywhere that when you send an email it gets answered personally by himself or David.  Never once have had any issues with receiving my checks.   So anyone that happens to be reading these comments.. PLEASE understand it is just one hateful cruel individual that is trying to cause damage to Grrrinders.   Very sad situation.. Bet whoever it is sucks at poker lol  I would recommend to ANYONE!!!!

  • queenodimnds

    This has been forwarded to Phil as it illegal to use someones elses name to post damaging and fraudulent claims. Beware poster ..your IP is on file.

  • Anonymous

    the only thing this impostor of me ( the real musiclover)  is “its a great place”  that would be correct.. everyone is entitled to their opinions just wish this individual would use his real screen name instead of posing as several other players 

  • Joespat75

    To the wannabe PhilHellmuth, Family690 is telling the truth about is legit in every aspect of social site meets poker. I have won many tournys on grrrinders. Money which i have received every cent of..well..except for the money i won today.

  • Joespat75

     there is no ripoff scheme except in you own mind. You came to with an ugly attitude which wont be tolerated by anyone. It will be such a shame if lies such as this sabotage a great site and take away from the people that play there.


     To whomever posted this comment, you should have checked before writing a different comment under dells name again. This comment is a lie and I know for a fact that this person writing this comment is NOT the true dellgriffith. I feel sorry for the person spreading these lies and impersonating good people for his or her own tactics to sabotage a great site with people of integrity. GROW UP !!!

  • IBT745Eaglet

    You are not the most bright lightbulb in the package are you? Grrrinders does not call themselves a poker site as far as I have seen.  All I have heard it called by anyone from the site is a sweepstakes site.  But the owner has the IP address of the poster of all 10 original bad comments.  Funny thing is it is the same for all 10.  Legal action to follow.  May wanna pack tonight and head for the hills.

  • Joespat75

    LIES LIES AND MORE LIES. I am a grrrinder and I am also a skyper, So tell me IHateJackzz, are you accusing me of cheating? I would hate to think so because if you are, you are indeed slandering my name and I will not stand for it.

  • MackinawGirl

    Come play at Grrrinders and you will see that for some unknown reason, someone posted here using players names, even though it was not the players themselves for real. Someone is trying very hard to sabotage a very good poker site. David Webb has spent alot of time and effort to put together a good poker site. He has a great support team behind him, Randy coddfish, who is always willing to help people. Go to Grrrinders yourself and see what a great place to play it is. Friendly people, great prizes and good poker. Don’t drink this Negative Kool-aid someone is trying feed you. 

  • Legendkiller

    I think it’s sad that someone who has a personal vendetta against the site, or the owner of the site, has to lower themself to outright slander in a public forum. I can personally vouch for the integrity of Mr. David Webb. Point in fact, when the site was not taking in any money, they still paid out EVERY PENNY won, without taking in a dime. That action, in itself, speaks volumes for the integrity of the site. With all the start-up, fly-by-night poker sites out there, it is reassuring to play at a site where you can be assured of your winnings. The owner actively interacts with players, both one-on-one, and in the forums. The overlay on the site is huge, even a year after inception, as they easily pay out 3-1, if not more, of what they take in. It is easily one of the best values for the bankroll challenged, or those who want to play for fun.


    I have been on Grrrinders for a meager 3 months but have been paid out promptly both months, yes there is blips and on going repairs at times , this is a small but growing site. It is a great place to meet new people and the people I have met or talked to have been more than welcoming. I posted some of the comments I read here, not for 1 minute thinking that someone would be using anothers name to trash Grrrinders. Whoever you are , the word scum comes to mind and I hope you are found out asap.

  • Sal

    I have been with Grrrinders since March 31, 2012.  There have been players with opinions, which they are entitled to.  I have played on other sites, but none compare to Grrrinders!!  Management and support has always been upfront and honest with me.  I have received my prizes on a very timely basis.  As for the way the players play…Toght , hardnose poker.  They are some of the very toughesp players I have played against.  As for the players being people..they are some of the most helpful and caring folks I have met in my life.  Any time a member has personal problems they come to their aid as has been evidenced in the past in players helping other players financially or through donations to charities and then being matched by Grrrinders LLC to a certain monetary amount.

    My opinion is that Grrrinders is a site that I trust and am a loyal member.  As far as other sites I will not trash talk them as it not my responsiblity to talk good or bad about them.  You the player have that opinion.

    Thank you Grrrinders managment and admin support for the running a site for the players to enjoy and for allowing  players to be part of the solution in making Grrrinders a better place to play.

  • Thomas J. Wright AKA TJW427

    My name is Thomas J. Wright my screen name is TJW427 and I am a life member of David Webb has more integrity in his little finger than you(illegal poster)will never have.I have played on numerous sub-sites and Grrrinders is by far the best.There is constant interaction with David,Randy and they are always working for us.

  • Higgymonster

    The owners of this blog should know they been hijacked.  I know these peeps that are supposedly making these comments.  There Identities are being stolen.  Whoever is in charge of this blog needs to be very careful..cause legal action will be following.

  • Higgymonster

    All these comments that are degrading this site are false and the work of a player known as ihatejacks.  He is using our names to spread false info.  This site has paid me every month even when they where losing money.  Its absolutely sick. He is creating false screennames here too..that are degrading to players.  Musiclover would never say this stuff.

  • Ruby Walling  The proof is in the pudding I joined this site in February I opted for the 3 month acct. cost 79$ winnings to date ( not including the prizes won playing for free YES FREE in the gold room ) 247.05   That is more than I won @ three different sites in a yeAR. lOOK do the research this site is for fun you can play for free or become a monthly member the most you lose is one yes 1 $ a day On the other hand what you can gain …… for a dollar far out weighs  

  • Rubywalling

    I bet ya $$$$ Phil Helmuth would like to know that someone is posting in his name. ? 

  • Higgymonster

    Let me also say there is no more honest person in the world of poker than David Webb. As the article notes the banks refused to deposit his players checks yet as the article says: In June of last year, Grrrinders stopped offering cash prizes and paid out over $135,000 owed to the players on the site.  I won a 3day pass he0re last April.  I have never lost money.  Paid for membership and more.  I’m up to $880. Come and check it out. Its the real deal.

  • Tlingit

    Since Black Friday  I have been without a Poker Home , I signed up in Dec 2011 and played the Gold site just to see if I liked the site and in Jan 2012 paid into the Diamond Site and been having a Great time playing poker almost everyday.

    I have liked it so much I have Referred many of my friends and Family to the site and one of my best friends won a WSOP seat as well as my myself . There is ton of Value and great poker Fun.

    If you have any doubt start on the Gold site (ITS FREE ) like I did , it will not be long before you are hooked like me .

    There’s always haters out there , don’t let them stop you from having a great time

  • Bullslick

     Part One : My screen name is Bullslick, I am relatively new to this
    site. I have only had a few months of paid diamond member play. First of
    all I wish to state that I am  very hesitant to give these folks
    writing these negative comments any attention as I really feel they are
    just really not a new breed of poker players, but  I truly to believe
    them to be the same old people that like to assign blame on a site, a
    clique, the RNG, the dealer, anyone but their own poor play! I have
    witnessed fellow comrades here at Grrrinders. There are some that fit in
    well to the chat aspect and some that choose to be polite and silent.
    For the most part, I truly have enjoyed my play here at Grrrinders,
    there are players of all different skill levels represented here, one
    thing that is NOT tolerated is berating of fellow players. I personally
    am bewildered at what will these folks gain, by their slanderous
    comments?? This is not my first rodeo, and I have seen this type of
    player at just about every site I have played at, what I find just
    appalling is that they are using the screen names of some of the players
    to voice their poor opinions!!

  • Chipthief33

    Absolutley stunned me when i read this,as i have been a member at Grrrinders for over a year..and have been a paid member for about 5 months now. This is  without a doubt th best subscription site on th net..David Web has done an outstanding job with setting up this site,,,and keeping  itgoing,even through black friday.He truly cares about th whole community,donating  tocharities..offering professional advice for players who ask…and offering th best prizes you will ever find on a subscription site.No lack of great plyers there too..So sad to see someone attack th site like this and steal other peoples identities….Sincerely…Chipthief33

  • Bullslick

    Part Two :
    I have no emotional investment here other than my love for the true
    game of poker! I am not on any team, in any clique, I am sure I have
    some who just do not like me, and that is ok, but as a player that is
    doing relatively well on the site, I felt the need to come forth and
    speak my opinion as well. This is a small company with some growing
    pains, the support does their very best to reply to help requests. I
    have had numerous emails as I am new and not sure how everything works.
    Randy and Anna have been the ones to answer most of the emails, actually
    David Webb took the time to respond to an idea I had sent in. The point
    of my response here is to let all new potential players see that there
    are new players here at the site willing to show their support of the
    Grrrinders site, not just the Cliques!! Any site has potential
    collusion, Grrrinders has strict policies regarding “Same House Play”!
    The prizes are nice, some are small, some are big,  my small group likes
    to set up a last bet, it keeps the game fair!  The WSOP Mondays are of
    course my favorite day, I am not sure what promotion they will do after
    these end, but from the loyalty I have witnessed from many of the
    players David Webb does his very best to provide a great place for some
    fun competition. I have to say, one of my best games ever was a fine
    battle over a Lucy watch!!
                            This is my
    first site since Black Friday. I am hoping this will be my “Home Site”! I
    for one am so very happy to be playing again. Grrrinders has filled a
    void for me, So I invite you all to come judge for yourselves!! Most
    poker players I know are very intelligent people that are not easily
    swayed by false propaganda. There are NO Friends at a poker table!! Everyone here plays to WIN! I have taken out my own brother lol :)

  • Rubywalling

    Screename Rube2zday Go ahead pose as me I freaking dare ya :] Continued from above^…  A few bad apples that you will unfortunately find in any & all walks of life.   The bottom line is the person whom is Sooo obviously making these negative comments is In big big big trouble his IP address has been found Charges have been file multiple charges, Sad really when you think about it. 20-30 YEARS Hope He or She has on Heck of a good Lawyer because they will most certainly need it.  What a hard way to learn a lesson all over 30 dollars a month Tsk Tsk Tsk   GRRRINDERS RULES I STAND BEHIND THIS SITE 100 %  I am no pyramid clique or whatever this fool is yammering about I am an X shop rat Retired on disability having the time of my life playing a game I love Learning from some of thee best poker players in this and other countries LMAO @ Trailer park My goodness we have folks in Austrailia Belguim ect….  Reallly its all just to rediculous most likely this whole thread will be completley wiped away and that is a shame, because the original post is so eloquently written and all so very true. Bottom Line Try it if you like it stay if not catch ya on the flip side :)  

  • Rubywalling   ^  Not Phil Helmuth ^ BUSTED ! 

  • Charles

    I have been on this site for about a year.. I think it is a really excellent site..David and Staff are honorable people and  I have received all my checks and prizes I have ever won . When we have big events they are covered by an internet radio station and most big events are have a blog written so that all the players can follow the action that occurred on the final table the day after..they have a room where players can win cash and prizes for free and then they have a room where paid subscription members can go on this US Legal Subscription site and play for bigger cash and prizes..including seats and travel expenses to live events..If a player is of good character and a good poker player they might be chosen to represent Team Grrrinders and receive money to represent Grrrinders and play live poker events..what other site offers that? David champions free expression on the site and allows people to express their opinions both good and bad and works hard to fix any problems and be open to feedback from the players on how  to make Grrrinders better..this is a fairly new site and there is a  lot of opportunity for new players that are good to make a lot of money because right now the  amount of players in any given event are relatively small.. not to mention possible opportunities that might happen as Grrrinders the  organization expands.. I encourage you to create an account  and come see it for can create a free account and play for free the gold room ..I’m player name DireStaight and I  stand behind the site and it’s staff and players :}

  • Philip m Christian jr.

    Ive been with Grrrinders since day one, and to be honest, I love alot of the poeple there. We lost the mother of all sub sites when spadeclub shut the doors, but David did an amazing job pulling the gang together, and coming out with Grrrinders. When the site opened up it was great. Small fields with players we were all familiar with. But it was shortlived. Grrrinders started with the intentions of keeping friends together, and building a better spadeclub. Spadeclub put alot of effort into keeping the gangs, or cliques civil. They held poeple accountable while at the same time, offering some of the best poker playing advice on the internet,Grrrinders, and David, im afraid have really lost track of what Grrr was suppose to be, and thats is exactly why the attitudes and play there have gone sour. Im embarrassed to have brought over 50 players to the site. Its like night and day from the first year of opening, and that should have been the toughest. There are alot of great players there who used to make an effort to help poeple who want to learn, even telling those who dont want to hear it, what the right way of going about it would be. Now days its a friggin lotto fest, and even the best of players are saying good game or nice hand instead of telling the idiots how it really is. I dont get it, but to be honest the prize, and tourney structures stink, as well as the tight community willing to make the site better, instead of worrying about how long your friends list is, and the more poeple say its ok to play bad poker because its a sub site, the more I say, Grrrinders is not the place for me.

  • Philip m Christian jr.

    Just bein honest.

  • musiclover

    well vaughnified.. i respect that everyone is entitled to their opinions..have seen your opinions go up and down like an evelator to both extremes when it comes to Grrrinders..every site will have “donk” players.. even live for that matter.. the offering of poker advise is still well at large at Grrrinders… even has expanded as of late with the Jason Stern (pro)  posting several poker education forums.  

  • SeaSid

    My dog was able to figure out that all the hate is being spewed by one person posing as real members.   Obviously, someone with no poker skill who can’t handle the fact that he never finishes in the money.  Grrrinders rocks.

  • HomeGameDonk

    Grrrinders is a great site and quite frankly the only site i found worth playing since Black Friday.  What other subscription sites give you the opportunity to win seats to bigger tourneys.  I was recently in Atlantic City dor the WSOP circuit Caesars series and would never had gone if I did not win the seat on Grrrinders.  I’m also heading to the WSOP for the first time this summer thanks to winning a seat on grrrinders.  The negative comments below are all from a disgruntled player who was abnned because he acted like an arse on one too many occasions.  Trust me, it is hard to get banned, this guy was just a fool.

  • tiger181

    I would sincerely enjoy meeting in person the illiterate twit posting all the drivel. The ‘conversation’ would be brief and to the point. If subscription poker sites are your thing, this one is head and shoulders over the others, including the WPT sub.

  • Anonymous

    I am a professional cash game player based out of Florida. I joined Grrrinders in January of 2012. I joined to practice my tournament play. Signed up for 6 months and it only cost $119.00 bucks. Where else can you get good practice for .66 cents per day. I have won just under 50 bucks, however I like the site so much I won’t cash out, I would rather Grrrinders use that money to further improve the site.

    Is Grrrinders perfect? No, show me an online site that is perfect, they don’t exist. Do in-experienced players play there?  Yes, just like they do in B+M tournaments. David + Randy are stand up guys. Play in the Gold room for free and decide for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Sal - don’t you meen you have been there since 3/31/2011? I know you have been there more than 4 days.

  • Trudy

    I love Grrrinders, I have been here for about 5 months now, and this is a Poker site, as well as a great social place to meet new friends who have the same interest in playing poker. The Majority of the players get along very well here, some talk a lot, some not at all in the chat areas. There are always a few that obviously have NO social skills and are dealt with accordingly when they are vulgar or abusive to other players. I believe those that have ban banned for this behavior and are probably the only ones that are making Negative comments about this site. Grrrinders is a great place to play poker , all for less than a $1.00 a day!!! You cant beat that!!! 

  • Ron Greeney (ChipMonster)

    It’s really quite simple. Go to Play gold room for free. Win a pass to the Diamond room. Meet the wonderful people who play on the site as regulars.
    Type a negative comment about David or his support team. The response will be quick, and it will be unanamous. Grrrinders is good for your game and good for your mental health.           Chip Monster member since April 2011 -you gotta love it!

  • GimmeABreak


  • Trudy

    Respect is Earned!!! Honesty is Appreciated!! Trust is Gained!!! Loyalty is Returned!!!
    Grrrinders owner D.W. has been honest, by doing so earned my respect and trust, which in turn has me as a LOYAL customer!!! Go Team Grrrinders!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Musiclover thank you so much sending this article to me.  i too have been with grrrinders since the beta testing and continued playing during the reconstruction time and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I may not have cashed out thousands of dollars but what I have requested to cash out has been sent to me promptly.  Grrrinders support has always returned my emails within 24 hrs and if support wasnt available I would receive a reply from David himself.  I will continue playing at grrrinders and will continue to make friends….. thanks for letting me share my thoughts and always remember ” I have 9 lives and I may use them all”  meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • FireStones

    Let me say this.
    I have been at Grrrinders since Beta, I love it! I know people have a brain so just try it out its free in the Gold room see for yourself. The Diamond Room does have better players but give it a try. Hell they will even give you a free 5 day trial in the Diamond room. Just contact Support they will hook you up.

    I have been at many subsites SC, PPC, Zosoz, FleetStreet and GSP (GRP) but Grrrinders is the best by far. I have won over $1300 and a WSOP Seat. I have been paid on time every time. Can’t say nothing bad about the site, Yes some donks but they don’t out # us :)

  • Survillaralvarez


    I have been with Grrrinders since March 2011.  Won my first seat to Jennifer Harmon Charity Event in less then 48 hours after signing up and won another for 2012 Tourney.  This is the only site that has such a honest owner and staff that will see to it that all personal emails with questions or concerns will be answered.  For the price you can’t beat it.  I win all my membership fees plus more each month so actually I play for free.  The players here are very helpful.  We have some very fine players that also play live games and cash.  If you are thinking about joining us please try the gold room for free with opportunities to win 7 day free pass to diamond room where you can win seats to WSOP and lots of cash.

    I love this site and no one can ever post anything that would change my mind, for all the post below with negativity about the site and all the lies made up from someone pretending to be the players is just unreal.  I play with these players everyday and none of them would ever say anything like what is being posted.

    Come check it out and be welcomed with open arms and hearts!!!!

    Gl all on and off the felts…

  • Nancywoohoo

    I would like to say that my experience at grrrinders since march 2011 has been nothing but positive.  I have made some great friends and when i needed them the grrrinders family was there for me and my husband.  Grrrinders rocks and so does the staff at grrrinders.  I have hit bumps in the road but they were always smoothed out.  Grrrinders is the place to be.  

  • Bullslick

    Philip, I am having a hard time trying to figure out if you are a disgruntled player that is looking to do the site harm or if you are looking for a small site where just a few of you pat each other on the backs. You are only going to be as good as your competition! I am new to Grrrinders and I do not always “Fit in” as I tend to say what is really on my mind. My family and friends  did extensive work on finding the right site for us to join. I am not there for the chat box, I am there to play! I am learning the site and my way around, but I am there to work on my own game. You mentioned people telling you when you are wrong in a hand, well sir I have issue with this, as I did not sign up for poker school! If people want to go discuss the playing of any certain hand, they can go to the chat box. I on the other hand am pretty sure it is up to the player on what 2 cards they choose to play, and I for one do not need any one spouting off percentages to me on why I should or should not play that hand, maybe I am trying out a move. I am just sure that some clown telling me I was behind 47% or how do you make that 2 outer call is not going to help my game. A kind conversation in the chat box, if I ask for it will do!!Grrrinders so far has done a great service for me and my friends, there is always room for improvement in any business. I have emailed support with a few ideas, kudos to David Webb for responding himself to me. His focus was on a current issue right now but he was very supportive of the idea I had sent, have you tried working with support on any of your issues?? So far they are welcoming ideas, they may not be able to implement them right away, but I was please with the response I received. Maybe you should try and focus on the positive side that we are being offered an affordable place to play and try to help the growth of the site instead of bashing it…..just a thought! I have issues I would like to see improvements on as well, but I am choosing the proper channels. I have yet to find a Perfect Site, but so far this is the closest  to perfect I have found!

  • Trippinouts

    its 2012 silly

  • JJ

    Sucess creates envy. Envy creates haters. A hater like this just proves that Grrrinders is LEGIT.
    “Fans don’t boo nobodies.” Reggie Jackson

  • Anonymous

    Grrrinders is the best Subscription Site I have ever played on.  David is to be commended for all his efforts to bring about a place where players can enjoy a decent game of Texas Holdem.  There is no site out there, that I know of, that will allow it’s players to make suggestions, much less actually implement any of them.  The support team is excellent.  If you don’t understand something 
    they will answer your question in a prompt manner.  As for the level of play, you would be hard pressed to find as high a level on any sub-site.  Motivated players are always trying to learn and elevate their game.  Knowledge of the game is worthless if one is not able to adapt.  

    That brings me to the “Imposter”(“It”).  Two thing are very obvious to me.  
    First, “It” seems to have been unable to “adapt” to the game as new players came on board.
    Second, I am pretty sure I know who “It” is.  A forever “Banned” player.  For one thing “It” is a gutless wonder for using other peoples username’s.  ”It” never was a very good player to begin with.  Let me end by this old quote I saw once:  ”If you find your “Ship” in “Dead” water it “Wood” be best to not become a “Fool”.

  • Calmainiac

    I have been with Grrrinders from day one, even during the beta testing.  I have earned over $3000 and been paid in full.  The site is very enjoyable.  For the most part the play is good.  Which sites do not have a few donks to manouver past?  I have played on SpadeClub, WPT and Pure Play and the play and format is much better on Grrrinders.  If you are looking for the social aspect it is there for you.  I came only for poker but I am happy to say I have made many new friends.  We have met up at Vegas, Reno, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. The negative posts are from someone who was banned I believe.  Support has been terrific from day one.  Not the “canned” response you normally get on sites.  Management has been through a lot to keep this site going and they are still here and growing.
    Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.  You have nothing to lose but your chips, lol.

  • Bravelassie

    P.S.  Calmainiac is Bravelassie

  • Rdsxfan

    Grrrnders paid out prizes while never being able to collect dues, during its initial launch. That in itself brought me back as a paying member when they came back in September 2011 under the new model. Support returns emails and calls. Checks are mailed (and clear the bank) when they say they will be sent.

    If you like to play online poker in the US and want a LEGAL place to play, is the place.

  • Topdogs2x8

    There is absolutely nothing bad about this site or its owners or its members. Everything iss open and above board AND ethical.


    Grrrinders in my opinion is the best online site ive played on. The field size is unmatchable, play is excellent. Ownership cares tremendously about the feelings of their players and community. Every dime ive earned ive been paid. I will continue to play here as long as the site exists which i hope will be a long time. David, Randy, and all staff are truely appreciated.

  • nascarracing

    really, really, its you jackzz ? doesnt surprise me, crybaby when you were at grrrinders. if you were a true grrrinder instead of actin like a douche, a real poker player would just go after their chips. oops sorry, you dont know how to grrrind!!!!!

  • nascarracing

    ONLINE POKER PLAYERS!!!!!!!! if your a true online player then you need to play at grrrinders because all the issues we always had with the online sites like getting paid and customer service, well i know its hard to believe,(been at grrrinders since black friday), but i have never had those issues at grrrinders, my emails always get answered (thx randy), and my checks have always come. but the big selling point for me was the wsop seats. it cost me 30.00 to have 4 chances a month to win a 1000.00 seat and travel money, now you know how much just one of those chances cost us on ftp or pokerstars. that alone should bring you in to grrrinders.

  • Butter

    I have been with Grrrinders since 12-29-2011.  Since black friday I too was left without a site to play poker.  In December a close friend told me about the site and I have played almost every night since.  There are some really great people on the site and the competition is tough.  Great prizes for a very affordable charge.  I would recommend this site to anyone who loves the game of poker.  Butter

  • Rubywalling

    ^ Flag every incorrect impostor comment as inappropriate folks !! 

  • Rubywalling

    WoW Bullslick Have you ever thought of writing for a living? You are very very good at saying in words what I feel Thank you for that ! & Gl @ the felts both Live & at our Grrrinders!

  • Rubywalling

    HooRah! :)

  • Rubywalling

    Pat flag every impostor post :) I am 

  • MaineiacLook

    This is my home site. There is great play here, and great folks to play poker with.  Management does a wonderful job, constantly trying their very best for us. We always get paid, plus the fun factor is very high! We have chat, our own facebook, and a chance to make real friends.  I have met so many players, and management, face to face already - a loyal group of good players!  Been paid promptly and scored cool grrrinders gear to wear at live tourneys, too!  
    The highly personal attacks made up by one player is because he couldn’t stop his gutter talk, and after many chances to behave reasonably, he got banned. He is not missed.  
    Take a look at this great site and play for free in the Gold Room.  You will quickly see quality poker, nice people, and great prizes - CASH!  You will have a blast with us, I guarantee it!
    Grrrind on!  

  • MaineiacLook

    our player of this name would never talk like this. His laptop doesn’t even have a caps key

  • Anonymous

    Yes read the blog above. Sal states he has been with Grrrinders since March 31, 2012. I know what year it is, again he wrote down the wrong date, I stand by my post, which is accurate and correct.

  • 55MCB

    Great site… Check it out.

  • Needssome1

    I have been on and off the GREAT since way back when it was  spade club something  I got crs so  please forgive me if  i didnt get the  spadeclub name right…Anyway  I  enjoy ever single minute I   spend  on the grrrinders  grinding away at the felts making me  i hope a better poker player.   Every member there is  kind and  remembers being a new player and puts up with my  worst than bad calls and even the good ones too.  I  recommend anyone that is wanting to play poker online   GRRRINDERS. com is the place to be.     So  get your hungry on for some great grrrinding at felts   See ya there soon.  

    Jack Dula

  • Dirtybiker70

    I wear my hat to every tourny I play, small or Big.. NEVER has anyone said anything bad to me or about Grrrinders. And I have NO doubt a slug like you wouldn’t have the balls to say a word to me live. Anyone with half a brain would know that your just another loser player pissed off at the world because your too scared to live life..

  • tigershark48

     As a member of Grrrinders since June 2011, I would just like to say that Grrrinders, with owner David Webb, is one of the premier subscription poker sites to come around.  After Black Friday, there was not much opportunity to play internet poker on a quality site to learn and improve your game against other members of different skill levels who were very good poker players .  Grrrinders gave us this opportunity.   I whole heartedly support David Webb and the whole Grrrinders organization and totally reject the attacks and false allegations made by this disgruntled player who is falsely misidentifying himself as other players on this site. In closing, I would like to say to give Grrrinders a try for yourselves and see what a wquality subscription poker site it really is.

  • luvepoker

    you want to play at the best site around, play at grrrinders.  David gives the best chances you can find to play in some of the best tournaments around. You will be paid in a timely matter and the people there are great. I am really glad i found Grrrinders.

  • MR_Qwimper

    Despite my preference to live play, GRRRINDERS in my online home.  I have been there for four months now.  The play is savvy, intelligent and difficult.  The tournaments are well structured.  The cost is enough to make the play serious but not enough to break the bank.

    There are the unruly players.  There are the bad player.  There are those who take their game too seriously.  

    Just like live games.

    But unlike other online sites, you build friendships, establish relationships and encourage good play and FAIR play. Where else can you sit on a table with the owner of the site, laugh and chat, then take his money?  I’m growing a new family on GRRINDERS, and would encourage any player who desires a challenge to sign up.

    You might end up with a slew of new friends as well.

  • is7highgood

    I’ve been a member for a few months.  Grrrinders has unparalleled support.  With many other sites your requests are never answered and you need to make contact multiple times for any sort of reply.  My support requests are always answered to my full satisfaction and in a very timely manner.  Also, you can tell David Webb, Jason, & Randy really care about their customers and the business.  You can’t fake passion and it’s quite evident that these guys want you to have a great experience each time you come to grrrinders.

  • acm4life

    I have been with grrrinders since the beta testing stage. Great site where I have met a lot of great friends and had the chance to work on my game. The support on this site is top notch- what other site have you played on where the owner himself emails you back with your concerns. 
    I love it here and will be grrrinding4life

  • sillyrabbit


  • sillyrabbit


  • Trippinouts

    its good to see you having a little integrity for once in your life musiclover

  • Trippinouts

    oops didn’t realise that was your imposter music, because  he or she hit the nail right on the head! you and your gang tactics of attacking people are ridiculous, you and your clique run off all the new customers! 

  • Trippinouts

    i am one of the four lifetime members at grrrinders and unfortunately i have to say this is the most poorly run site on the web. the main problem is the so called support randy codd! this site allowed a 13 year on it, and ignored that i had reported it until i had to confront her mother on the tables! then all of a sudden the account was gone (i have informed her grandmother and hope that she will file child endangerment charges against them). grrrinders has allowed multiple people to falsely accuse me of committing sex crimes and randy codd and david webb allowed this behavior because they are friends with the individuals, i am planning on a defamation of character lawsuit if these problems persist! i am positive i will be attacked on here for telling the truth by many individuals because there are many people who belong to the clique. approximately in june they had a 30,000 site pro contract and there was no doubt i won it (i won over $1800 in that month which is by far more than anyone has, or ever will), instead of giving me my contract (because i won’t kiss their asses) they broke it up and created team grrrinders! what is really funny is not one of them is even close to my statistics (no offense sal you are a great player and definately deserve it). anyway i totally regret buying the lifetime membership because of how poorly the site is run, and i could never recommend it to anyone ever again until they start having some class and integrity! 

  • Trippinouts

    i do appologise to jason stern he is a great guy who was willing to try and help unfortunately david webb and randy codd are iresponsable and continue to let the drama occur. i’m sure they will probably ban me for coming forward and telling the truth, but somebody has to and i can’t allow them to destroy my name because of other players jealousy and inferiority complex’s. 

  • Trippinouts

    wow is this why i am attacked on a daily basis there by all those jerks in the lobby?

  • Trippinouts

    i totally agree phil it has gone down the drain ever since they reopened, the social part is the problem, they allow people to attack people and do nothing about it! on three separate occasions they have allowed people in their clique to falsely accuse me of sex crimes! randy codd and david webb should be ashamed of themselves! after telling david i would not tolerate this he threatened to close the doors if i file a lawsuit! i’m sorry to all the players that are decent people who love the site but if i allow this to happen to me eventually that will happen to someone else and my conscience won’t allow me to do that! 

  • Trippinouts

    seriously? come on slick you have problems there everyday, i know you are trying to stick up for the site because you make $ there but come on you know the site is run poorly!

  • Trippinouts

    i have to agree this site has turned into a complete joke!

  • Trippinouts

    so untrue trudy the problem with the site is the group you have fallen into, example you attacked me today for no reason after a player falsely accused me of cheating! you musiclover, dellgriffith, and many others attacked me even though the site pro agreed that what i did was only sound strategy. there was no reason for that blog to be taken down other than the player who made the accusations was told by all the players that commented that she should learn some poker 101. the only time i involve myself with “the clique” is when i am attacked, and if you think i’m going to tolerate you people spreading malicious lies about me you have another thing coming!

  • Trippinouts

    getting paid from this site is like pulling teeth, when it reopened it took me 3 months to get a check from here because randy codd lied to me about the redemption date. next they sent out checks that weren’t signed and made us mail them back to be signed (since these checks were absolutely worthless without signatures there was no reason for them to have us mail them back other than they were delaying payment to us). now i have been waiting 18 days and still no check. i want to redeem again but if i do i’m sure i won’t ever get the check i’m waiting on now. also i have been waiting since november to recieve items from the grrrinders store!

  • Trippinouts

    another thing i believe everyone should know is that when the servers were suposably crashing a certain player kept disapearing before it happened and immediatly when the server was turned back on (i heard through a very valuable source that they did this purposely to save money towards new software). its just a little to ironic that the only time it crashed was during main events! i think it is really sad that people are so gullable to drink the magic kool aid and believe such obvious lies!

  • Spike130

    Dellgriffth should never have been made a member of team Grrrinders. He is one of the rudest players on the site!

  • Auntie Obama

    I’ve only played one game here…several weeks ago.  Somehow (can no longer remember how) I stumbled into a FR tournament.  I’ve been playing online for about 8 years and I’ve never found a place harder to navigate than Grinders.  Came back this evening to give it another try…thought I’d registered…but no table ever opened up.   That’s it for me.  I’m outta here.

  • RandyCodd

    Dell Griffith is the biggest joke faggot troublemaker on Grrrinders.  He verbally attacks people and then plays the victim and since he is giving bj’s to support, they allow him to get away with it.  What a total loser, and everyone knows he only got picked for team grrrinders because he sucks pee pee… please… he is aweful.  This site is nothing but a bunch of old people who have no life or real friends so they gang attack people like children.  Nothing but a bunch of support azz kissers who have their own set of rules.  Dell Griffith hides behind his computer because he is a sorry old sexually frustrated gay man that has zero friends, zero personality, and zero skill as a poker player.   I have a suggestion for you, just come out of the closet and if maybe you fix yourself up a little you will find happiness and can stop harassing people that are happier than you.  Every $hitpot has a lid and I am sure you will find your lid if you just pretty yourself up a bit.  Grrrinders sucks because of people like you who bully others that dare do or say something that you don’t agree with.   You are a little puss that needs a good beat down and some day you are going to mess with the wrong person and you just may get that beat down.  Get a life, and grow up.

  • DellGriffith

    You are an idiot IBT… no legal action can be made for expressing your opinions and most what was said about Grrrinders is the truth anyway.  Unless some threats have been made, it’s all freedom of speech… kind of how you attack people at grrrinders in the chat and on the blogs.  Typical hypocrite that is what grrrrinders people are all about… they point the finger at others, but sit there and do the same exact thing and cry about how they were wronged.  For once, why don’t you mind your own business and stfu.  No-one really cares what you think. 

  • Wade

    Really funny that all of these folks are supporting a site with an owner who has ripped them off.  LOTS of players showed up in Vegas to claim their WSOP seats and travel money they won only to find out there was no money!  Folks got stranded, David Webb hid out and refused calls from players stuck there.  All of a sudden an announcement came out that David Webb was in teh hospital…  Funny how was seen at the tables at Ceasars Palace playing with MEMBER money while he was supposed to be hospitalized.   Get your money out now folks ( if you can), as it’s been verified that complaints have been filed for fraud with the FTC…..

  • Trippinouts

    as predicted because i came forward with the truth i have been harassed, attacked, and physically threatened by players and even support. now in davids absence randy codd has stolen my lifetime membership and grrrinders has held checks that i have already redeemed. hopefully david will recover soon and correct this situation.

  • Trippinouts

    grrrinders has stolen a $600 lifetime membership from me and owes me appoximately an additional $350 not to mention how much i would make in a lifetime.

  • Trippinouts

    nice how you attacked me today with your libel. you know i only asked you to discuss the physical threats randy codd sent me. you should be ashamed of yourself you are degrading every great police officer who ever had integrity.

  • Trippinouts

    stop lying and defending those scumbags higgy, you know you just kiss their asses so you can stay on that radio show.

  • Trippinouts

    i take that back jason stern is as big of a liar as the rest of the scum running this site i had informed him months ago of the terrible things going on at the site including letting him know that david webb was allowing a 12 year old little girl to play on the site. david webb randy codd and jason stern should all be banned from poker forever.


    So many of these comments were made BEFORE the WSOP debacle…I’d like to hear what the people who still havent been paid yet have to say now. And no…I dont mean the site buttlickers like Musiclover…Joespat and that moron IBT…those chat-room donks wouldnT know their waY around a REAL poker table if it got shoved up their fat ass’s.Bullslick,….you have made many disparaging remarks about Grrrinders several times…so you are just a typical hypocrite that plays there..Music are the biggest phoney on that donk site…..and you have to PRY Joespats head out of your fat ass too…I might mention!! You always try to act nice to my face…then stab me in the back in the chat room first chance you get…I know you arent really ever going to read this….but for those who know me….FK THAT 2-FACED BACK-STABBER. And I won’t be apologizing to you ever again you trashy biatch. GR8RAMPAGE!!

  • GreatBaldini

    Great response Randy, I am glad you have come clean about your true thoughts about Dell, what took you so long?? Now,how do you feel about that nasty ass ugly rat -faced old broad you have ratting to you 20 times a day ,everytime she doesnt get her way in that stupid chat-room? Do you hate her as bad as 43 other people on that donk site do? (I know its 43 because I took a private f.b. poll),and yes,she is hated,but feared, by her own,so-called “friends”,because she will turn on them in a minute too. Get rid of her, for starters, and you just MIGHT get some people to stick around for awhile.

  • Joespat

    My nme is Joespat, I would first of ll like to say that previous comments I have made TOUTING how great Grrrinders is, was totally WRONG!! I have recently come to the conclusion that it IS in fact a site full of stupid cheating, no poker plating donkies, starting with that peice of shit Rube2zday. She is a hypocrite from day one,as is that bitch I used to call my ‘sistah’. And dont forget that ugly ho Macinawgirl,talk about bad players getting paid off by a donk site!!! All in all, the site is a total joke rip off,and, you can take THAT to the bank dirtbag Dirytbiker!!   Ponzi scheme? YOU BET YOUR LIFE IT IS!!!   JUST SAYIN

  • Trippinout



    I agree it is a stupid site for stupid players, that is why we play here. DUH!!!    If I actually knew how to play poker, do ya think I would waste my time playing with decrepit old donks who dont actually have lives,so they hang out in a ridiculous chat room full of perverts and pedophiles like Dell Griffin anf the so called ‘GreatBaldini’?   The 2 morons, Mirek and Mafia,who look like refugee’s from an illegal border crossing camp,(and play like it) are the sites best players!! LMFAO!!! They are both jokes!! Mirek is a KNOWN cheater, and Mafia is just a big ol punk.SO, you can take this site and shove it,I am DONE!!

  • Trudy

    Hey Higgymonster, Trudy here. How DARE you tout yourself as a fking poker player you fat slob? I am sick of you jokes on this site,which I happen to be QUEEN of, act like you can actually play poker!! You, and Musiclover,and all the rest of you worthless chatroom morons can kiss my ass. Do you remember when Gussy left this site because the Ridiculous Number Generator wouldnt let her win anymore? Well, if I dont start sucking out more with my shit cards,( that I play for ridiculous amounts,in terrible position) where I usually need runners to hit,if they dont start hitting,I’m going to be outta here To you lousy,discusting creepy people,( Who I ACT like I like, then stab in the back first chance I get) I would just like to say, SO LONG SUCKERS AND DONKEY’S!!! You wont haave me to kick around much longer!  THIS SITE SUXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!

  • Camurry

    This site is a rip off!! I only play there because it is full of idiots.And no matter how bad you play, they ply WORSE!!

  • Trippinout

    You are the biggest donk on this site ya ugly B’iatch!! And when it crashes,who ya gonna defend then rat face? Oh,run over to F.U. and try to be a chat room snitch there,see how fast they run your crybaby butt lickin ass off then. Ty for your time, DONKEY!!!




    LMFAO!! You dumb beaner,you cant even PLAY poker, whore! You started sucking Codds dick so he would give you site money and free memberships,everyone on that sites knows whats going on there ya Greaseball.If you had ANY idea how many people on that site laugh at you behind your back,you would be embarrassed to even show your face there.

  • james mitchell

    hello everyone i am looking
    for an address and phone number for randy codd he has threatened me
    multiple times and when i made police reports he committed wire fraud
    against me which is a felony federal offense by blocking my lifetime
    membership at grrrinders. the police have not been able to find him
    after i made four police reports about his physical threats against me.
    he also has threatened me through my father. i will reward anyone for
    information leading to the arrest of this criminal!

  • james mitchell

    so what is this that you are living with randy and still playing on the site? i’m pretty sure that that is totally illegal! you should not be playing on the site when you obviously have inside information and it is obvious by your dramatic increase in results that you are most likely cheating with randy’s help.

  • james mitchell

    i hope you all feel like fools after i exposed the criminal behavior and that grrrinders is operating illegally! anyone who still is backing them has some serious mental issues!

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