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No Really…Chris Moneymaker a Contender at PCA

by Omar

Back in 2003, the game of poker was somewhat of a niche game. Sure, people from all over the world have been playing one form or another of the game since at least the 1800s. Generally reserved for a guy’s night out, it was often times considered an exotic treat for a the average Joe to try their hand at the game in a casino or well to do card room in Vegas. These days, a person can play poker virtually anywhere.

In states where poker is legal, poker rooms have popped up similar to pool halls, making the pilgrimage to Atlantic City or Las Vegas no longer a necessity. Additionally, from pretty much anywhere in the world, a person is able to turn on a computer and play on any number of online poker sites; some people can even play on such sites from their cell phones or hand-held communication devices.

One man, and one man only was responsible for this rapid evolution that changed the face of the game forever. At the time, he was an unknown accountant from the south with a name that looking back seemed to make his future stardom a virtual certainty. His name is Chris Moneymaker and his journey from $20 and some luck took him on a wild ride in which he captured the World Series of Poker Main Event and launched what will forever be known as the “poker boom.”

However, since that fateful ride over seven years ago, Moneymaker has never quite been able to stay with the game’s elite players. In fact, it could be argued that the way the game has changed with hyper-aggressive play being the norm, completely left him unprepared and in the dust. He has never won another WSOP bracelet, nor has he captured any other major tournament titles, which has led many people to declare that his victory was nothing more than sheer luck, being the right person at the right place at the right time. Perhaps this is why what is currently going on at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is creating such a buzz around poker circles. It is currently Day 5 of 2011’s first major live tournament, and Chris Moneymaker is very much alive and in the hunt, sitting among the chip leaders with just 17 players remaining. His day got off on the right note as he made a remarkable call against a player named Sam Stein holding just third pair on a draw heavy board which featured both straight and flush draws completed. Fueled by the confidence from this hand and everyone in the room buzzing at his stellar play, Moneymaker continued to roll along. In fact, shortly thereafter, Moneymaker chipped up to become the second largest stack in the field with over $4 million chips.

Some obvious questions are beginning to surface. Has Moneymaker finally turned a corner and is he finally realizing the tremendous potential that his 2003 showing foreshadowed? Or is the fact that Moneymaker is winning a sign of the potential poker apocalypse? In just about 48 hours, we will all know the answer to those questions…

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