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Niki Jedlicka Records Over $1 Million Win Online

by Poker Team

The nosebleed tables at Full Tilt Poker is the place to go to witness some intense high stakes online poker action. It is not uncommon to witness players win or lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single hand. However, a less heralded player did something during a late night session that is very rarely seen. He was able to dominate the $200/$400 tables with a net profit of over $1 million.

While Niki Jedlicka was raking up someone else’s retirement money, others didn’t fare quite as well. In particular, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan followed up his monster win earlier in the week with an abysmal $845,000 losing session. Others not as fortunate as Jedlicka on this particular day included David Benyamine, who lost $301K and Urindanger who squandered nearly $500K.

There was no single pot in particular that allowed Jedlicka to win so large. In fact, it was accomplished by hammering away and getting fortunate in a number of pots between $100K and $200K which enabled him to walk away as such a big winner.

In particular, he was able to take a $136,000 pot from luckexpress10 in which he led throughout, a sweet $137,000 score from Cole South in which he hit a fortuitous turn card, and outdrawing players in a multiway pot for $161,000 after flopping a flush and straight draw.

If this week’s action is any indication, online railbirds could be in for a summer of fireworks as the action has been absolutely crazy since the conclusion of the main event. In fact, the $200/$400 games have been playing just as large, if not larger than the $500/$1000 games. Visit Full Tilt Poker to join them.

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