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NFL Ref Shannon Eastin takes Center Stage in WSOP Debate

by Jeremy

The National Football League (NFL) has never taken a particularly light stance towards gambling - especially when it comes to referees. Their thinking is that a degen referee could eventually start betting on the games they officiate, which in turn leads to major scandals. Perhaps this is why striking officials felt it was their duty to tattle on replacement NFL ref Shannon Eastin.

Eastin, who will soon become the first female NFL referee ever, played in both the 2006 and 2007 WSOP. Seeing as how she played live poker five years ago, the striking officials wanted to bring this up to make life difficult for one of their replacements.

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NFL rules mandate that officials refrain from any kind of gambling activity whatsoever during the season. This period runs from the beginning of preseason (mid-August) to the Pro Bowl (late June). However, NFL refs are allowed to place bets in the short offseason timeframe that runs from early July to early August; they just have to report betting activity to the NFL.

This being said, even if Shannon Eastin was an NFL ref back in ’06 and ’07, she still could’ve played in the WSOP - provided it was after the Pro Bowl. So seeing as how she hasn’t played a WSOP event in the last five years, it’s pretty ridiculous for anybody to make a big deal about this whole matter.

In the end, it appears as if the out-of-work officials are clawing at anything they can to leverage with the NFL. And picking on the first female ref because she played poker a half decade ago is getting a little far-fetched.

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