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Newbie Poker Players Thrive in Nosebleeds

by Poker Team

All summer long, the high stakes action on the nosebleed tables on Full Tilt Poker has been plentiful and down-right mind boggling. Although it has become quite a regular occurrence to see the world’s best trade gargantuan sums of money from each other, it has not taken away any of the excitement from observers who routinely swarm the tables

This week did not have a number of massive swings, but quite a lot of hands were dealt at the tables anyway, and again Patrik Antonius figures near the top of the week’s leader board. He needed many more hands to achieve this position compared previous days, but still ended up winning just over $164K. He did not, however, take the top spot, since Ziigmund managed to edge him thee by a few hundred dollars.

More newsworthy, perhaps, was that we saw three new faces at these stakes, and all of them held their own pretty well. James Akenhead and Underoath57 in PLO and kingsofcards in Hold’em all turned profits during their first few sessions in the nosebleeds.

Speaking of kingsofcards. He and Antonius had a quite interesting $500/$1000 heads-up battle going for 159 hands. It was flowing back and forth, but in the end, Patrik was able to emerge victorious with a $64K win. Despite losing this session, kingsofcards was able to finish the day in the green with a win of almost $21K. Most of it coming in a 12 hand session of 4-handed $500/$1000 NLHE netting him $53K.

It will be interesting to see what these newbies can do against the world’s best over a longer period of time. Stay tuned.

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