New WSOP Bracelet put on eBay for $100k

by Jeremy Olson on January 25, 2014

Anybody who’s in the market for an expensive WSOP gold bracelet might want to check out eBay right now. That’s because a company named GOLDWATCHCO is selling a bracelet for $99,995.

So far, eight people have made a lower offer on the bracelet, with two being declined and the other six being expired. Here’s a look at part of the description from the listing:

World Series Of Poker Championship Bracelet From The Year 2013 This Is A Very Rare Bracelet & A Great Collector Piece For A Poker Champion, The Champion Who Won This Championship Is Friends Of Dennis From GOLDWATCHCO, A Percentage Of The Profit Will Be Given To Charity.

This Bracelet is an Authentic World Series Of Poker Championship bracelet from 2013, Its A Very Rare Piece & Hard To Come By. This Bracelet Is Made For Only Champions. The Bracelet is in Mint Day one condition and comes with Original Box!

The most recent poker player to have their bracelet sold off was 2006 WSOP Main Event champion Jamie Gold. His bracelet went up for auction last summer, though he later said in an interview that it wasn’t his choice (possibly creditors selling it).

TJ Cloutier and Eskimo Clark were both thought to have pawned their bracelets off. Rumors have long been circulating that both players are broke. The pawn shops that that sold their bracelets each got about $4,000 out of the sales.

Another high-profile bracelet sale involved 2008 WSOP Main Event champion Peter Eastgate. The Dane gave his bracelet up for charity (UNICEF), and it was auctioned off for $147,500. Scottish millionaire and philanthropist Willie Haughey purchased the bracelet in a tremendous display of generosity.

There’s no telling if the 2013 bracelet that’s been listed will go for anything near its $100k asking price. After all, this mostly seems to be a business venture by GOLDWATCHCO, rather than totally for charity like Eastgate’s bracelet.