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New Promo is Truly Chance of a Lifetime with PokerStars

by Omar

PokerStars Promotion of a Lifetime

You really have to hand it to PokerStars. Regardless of what online poker site you choose to give your hard earned money to, you can always count on the site’s braintrust  to devise new and innovative promotions at will.

No matter what season, day or night, warm or cold, the world’s larger online poker site is always, and we mean always, up to something. This time the promotion’s goal is to ultimately give you something better to do than sit at the virtual felt. The Game of Your Life Promotion is just what it says. It is giving the lucky winners the chance to attend, in person, any sporting event they have ever wanted to go to.

Ever wanted to be at the Super Bowl while millions watch at home? Are you a tennis fan who has always dreamed of going to the US Open in New York City?  Whatever your choice is, PokerStars will make it happen. To win, of course, you will have to show your prowess at large field tournament poker.

The event begins with six freeroll tournaments to be held on April 17th, April 24th, May 1st, May 8th, May 15th, and May 22nd.  The first five freerolls are offering guaranteed prize pools of $100K while the sixth and final freeroll’s winner will be going to the sporting event of their choice. The winning player has exactly one year to cash in his or her prize.

PokerStars is running qualifying tournaments:
Every day, broken out by region, the Americas and the rest of the world.  Each day, there will be five freeroll tournaments for each grouping with the top 108 of each earning their spot in one of the grand finale tournaments.

PokerStars Launches Game of Your Life lists.
The promotion consists of six Freeroll Finals to be held on April 17th, April 24th, May 1st, May 8th, May 15th, and May 22nd. The first five Freeroll Finals will shell out $100,000 in cash, while the Grand Final on May 22nd will send its winner to the sporting event of their choice. The grand prize is valued at an astonishing $100,000 as the winner is able to bring as many friends as they choose to any sporting venue in the world.

Separate qualifiers exist for PokerStars players located in the Americas and in the rest of the world. Five times per day, players can qualify via freerolls where the top 108 finishers will advance to one of the Freeroll Finals. Again, freeroll qualifiers are held for players in the Americas and the rest of the world, so you’ll be competing against opponents in your own part of the globe. PokerStars members who are awarded tickets to a weekly Freeroll Final will be able to register for any one of the six tournaments they choose. Players can also use Frequent Player Points to play in some other qualifiers as well.

This promotion truly is the opportunity and experience of a lifetime.

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