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New Opponents Line Up for New Durrrr Challenge

by Omar

A long, long time ago, in February of 2009, two poker players set out to compete in what was, at the time, a very intriguing heads up matchup. Just a few weeks earlier, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan issued a challenge. Laying 3 to 1 odds to anyone willing to accept. By now, the terms are more familiar than most commonly quoted literary pieces so there is no need to rehash the rules here. Originally, it was expected to take just a couple months to play the 50,000 heads up hands, but due to a myriad of reasons, 18 months later, they are still over 11,000 hands away from completion, with no real end in sight, being that they have not played since April 30th, almost 3 months ago.

However, Durrrr is still lining up his next set of opponents for a new challenge, even willing to begin more than 1 of the challenges at once. It has been widely reported that the first opponent will be Brian Townsend, Durrrr himself concedes that fact. But over the weekend, a new possible opponent has emerged; a player whose identity is unknown but goes by the moniker jungleman12. Though not quite a household name, jungleman12 joins Dwan and Phil Ivey as the only players with over $2 Million in profits at Full Tilt Poker so far in 2010.

Dwan and Jungleman12 openly discussed a potential matchup in the chatbox of one of their sessions. Here is the complete transcript:

durrrr: y dont u take challenge
durrrr: since u never lose to me
jungleman12: i will prob
jungleman12: maybe
jungleman12: isnt bt (Brian Townsend) next or something?
durrrr: i can do 2 at once
durrrr: ship ivey 500k n we will work out details
durrrr: get my aim from someone
jungleman12: ok
durrrr: i wanna crank out at least 2 of em before london if poss
jungleman12: ill talk to you over aim before doing it
durrrr: we could obv play in like 2 weeks
jungleman12: k
durrrr: kk gg
durrrr: gl

Dwan believes that a matchup with Townsend could take just a couple of months to complete since they play similar schedules. The same could also be said of Jungleman12 since the 3 commonly play at the same nosebleed stakes together. Online poker fans could potentially be treated to the completion of multiple Durrrr challenges actually being settled before the World Series of Poker Europe.

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