New Joe Hachem Reality Show Facing Ridicule

by Poker Team

The premise seemed simple enough. Joe Hachem is the host of a new Australian-based poker reality TV show called, “The Poker Star.” The show advertises itself by saying that Hachem is looking for someone with great poker skills and star qualities who can be an ambassador for poker. Hugely popular in his native country, the 2005 WSOP champion says he lives by a set of principles, what he refers to a ‘code’which he adheres to in all facets of his life and he believes is the secret to his life’s successes. As he tries to identify a protégé through this show, he is looking for the person whom possesses the same qualities he holds dear. The winner of the show gets a nice prize indeed. This person will attend some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world with Hachem and will also walk away with $100,000 in cash.

Sounds simple enough, and seems to have all the makings of an enticing show. However, posters on popular web forum aren’t exactly exuding excitement regarding the program, as it seems many feel the show is at worst unwatchable, and at best, a less than mediocre program done in by what is perceived to be self promotion on behalf of Hachem.

One poster who watched the premiere episode mocked the first challenge which consisted of a cocktail party in which the players were tasked with trying to gain information about each other in the hopes of being able to use that information in a sit and go tournament. The participants were obnoxious to one another and were taking themselves too seriously and the show seemed to be aimed at people with little poker playing experience.

Hachem himself was nearly universally criticized for coming off as standoffish and not very personable as a host. Though no air dates are readily available to most US residents at present time, the show is viewable on the internet.