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New Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates Interview

by Jeremy

Over the past couple of years, Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates has become one of the most-discussed online poker players for his unparalleled profits in 2010 ($5 million), association with known cheater Jose “Girah” Macedo, and his involvement in the Tom “Durrrr” Dwan Challenge. So it’s no surprise that we were quite excited to see that Jungleman12 did a recent interview with BlackBeltPoker.

One of the first interesting things that Cates discussed during the interview involved how difficult Black Friday was for him. The US-born poker pro told BlackBeltPoker, “Black Friday affected me negatively; there’s a lot of long-term things that really stunk it up: it made money transactions way harder, which is something I’ve learned. It’s made playing in general a lot more difficult, and I still have tonnes of money stuck on Full Tilt, and also Ultimate Bet. The numbers are pretty private, but it’s seven figures.”

Since that time, Cates has moved to London so that he can continue playing at the top poker sites like PokerStars. But while the move may have helped with Black Friday, Cates hasn’t been able to avoid questions about his association with Jose Macedo. Cates said, “It’s not exactly gone; people still needle me about it occasionally. I think Haseeb (Qureshi) and I took way too much shit for it, more than we should have. Maybe other people disagree, but it’s more or less blown over, I guess. In terms of my dealings with other people, the Girah scandal didn’t really affect my reputation in that sense.”

One more big subject that Cates talked about was the aforementioned Durrrr Challenge, which has remained largely unchanged over the past year. Cates explained why to BlackBeltPoker by saying, “We’ve played around 20,000 hands, but we’re not really done yet. He has not settled. However, if he’s incredibly flakey about following up with the Challenge, and it doesn’t seem very high on his priority list, then I would like him to settle, or play out his hands pretty soon. Technically, it’s still on, but it’s not really going anywhere.”

It sounds like Cates is busy getting back on track with poker and life, and hopefully we hear more from him in the near future.

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