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New Champion is Crowned at WSOP 2010, Jonathan Duhamel

by Omar

After five months of waiting and the hype machine working overtime, it is finally over except the shouting, especially if you are a friend, fan or general supporter of Jonathan Duhamel, in which case, the party is likely still raging on. Late last night, Duhamel became the first Canadian to capture the World Series of Poker Main Event crown, by consistently using his enormous chip advantage to apply the pressure against runner up, John Racener. For his victory, Duhamel earned a life-changing sum of $8.9 million dollars while his opponent did well also, walking away with $5.5 million, for his efforts.

In the last hand of the heads-up battle, the already short-stacked Racener decided to go for a much needed double up when he pushed with K-8 of diamonds. Unfortunately for him, Duhamel awoke to find Ace-Jack offsuit. The flop was 4-4-9 which did not hlp Racener at all. The 5 on the turn and the river on the 6 sealed the deal and Duhamel’s supporters went ballistic, even prompting him to crowd surf on the stage at the Pen and Teller theatre.

Following the win, sheer pandemonium ensued with confetti being blown out of cannons, much like the scene following a Super Bowl victory. Seemingly at a loss for words while being swept up in all of the excitement, in the postgame interview, all Duhamel could muster was, “Thank you to everybody for being here… Thank you to everybody. It’s so crazy right now and I don’t know what to think. Enjoy the party and it’s going to be great tonight.”

What’s up next for the latest Main Event Champ? If Joe Cada’s win last year was any indication, he can expect a full slate of interviews and visits to the late night talk show circuit. At the tables themselves, he can expect players to be gunning for him harder than before as the anonymity he once enjoyed is now a thing of the past.

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