New Bounty Tournaments at Party Poker

by Poker Team

On the heels of exciting enhancements released by it’s leading competitors, PartyPoker has stepped up its efforts in revamping its site through its own most recent release. In an exciting development, Party now offers brand new Bounty tournaments to its online poker tournament lineup.

Basically, how a bounty tournament works is rather intuitive. Each player in the tournament has a set price on themselves with a set part of each buy in being the bounty. As a player gets eliminated, the player knocking out the other player is immediately awarded that person’s bounty. In a statement discussing the enhancement, a PartyPoker spokesperson said:

“We are always listening to customers and consistently striving to improve our product. The introduction of new bounty tournaments add an exciting and fun dimension to play.”

In other PartyPoker news, it was revealed this weekend that Party Gaming Cofounder Anurag Dikshit has sold off 114 million shares of Party Gaming stock. The news of this sale is causing quite a stir in the internet poker world. A move of this magnitude has parties on both sides of the fence. On the plus side, in the past, Dikshit was an embattled person, having admitted violating US law during a proceeding just last year. On this note, his departure signals a positive move for PartyGaming as they have distanced themselves from someone who for all intents and purposes admitted to criminal behavior. Plus, when attention turns towards the regulation of internet gambling, opponents of online gambling no longer will be able to point accusatory fingers at Dikshit.

In the court of public opinion, this is undoubtedly a PR coup for PartyGaming, whom earlier this year signed Mike Sexton to be their most high profile spokesperson. In any case, this movement to clean house will cause outsiders to look more favorably as an online site has proactively attempted to clean up its image.