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Daniel Negreanu takes it home for PokerStars

by Poker Team

Daniel NegreanuAs the WSOP continues on through the month of June, we are seeing more and more big name players taking home bracelets and making it to final tables. Yesterday was no different as “Kid Poker”, Daniel Negreanu (PokerStars) won Event #20 at the 2008 WSOP, the $2,000 Limit Hold’em tournament. This was Negreanu’s 4th WSOP bracelet putting him in a class of poker elites such as, Puggy Pearson, Amarillo Slim, Tom McEvoy, Huck Seed, David Chiu, Scotty Nguyen. The entire tournament lasted almost 24 hours but as players were eliminated, the final table looked like this:

Final Table - Event #20 - 2008 WSOP - $2,000 Limit Hold’em

David Baker: 409,000
Ugur Marangoz: 402,000
Daniel Negreanu: 308,000
Greg Woheltz: 301,000
Richard Li: 195,000
Derek Lerner: 133,000
Fu Wong: 67,000
Hien Tran: 58,000
Jeremy Kotler: 47,000

What you will notice about the final table, is really the absence of big player names except for Negreanu and Richard Li. If you look closer you will notice Fu Wong back at the final table. Fu finished 2nd just a few days ago at the 7 Card Stud Championship. After a number of quick eliminations, Negreanu was leading the pack in terms of his chip count thanks to a “full house” that helped him take a huge pot against Richard Li and was the turning point for the match.

Final Hand - Event #20 - 2008 WSOP

The final heads-up match came down to Daniel Negreanu and Ugur Marangoz.

Flop: Kh - 5s - 5d

Both players checked at this point.

Turn: Qh

Both players continued to check.

River: 3h

Negreanu raised and forced Marangoz to go “all in”.

Negreanu showed: 9s - 5h, giving him three of a kind or three 5′s. Marangoz couldn’t beat the hand and Negreanu took the pot and the championship. Negreanu earned $204,874 for his first place finish as Marangoz earned $126,408 for his runner up finish.

After the grueling final table and the win, Negreanu went over to where his mother was sitting and gave her a kiss and also thanked his fans that remained for hours during this match. He also shouted out “Negreanu 1, Ivey 0″ as he and Phil Ivey have a $200,000 bet this year on who will win the most bracelets. There are still a number of events left this year, so Negreanu should watch his mouth.

Daniel Negreanu Email Address

For those who would like to contact Daniel Negreanu, he can be contacted via email directly from this page on FullContactPoker or directly at Please note that Daniel will not be able to answer all emails due to the number of emails he receives daily.

Daniel Negreanu plays online poker exclusively at PokerStars. Check our PokerStars Marketing Code page before you sign up an account.

  • Lawrence J Hasslinger

    April 14, 2009

    Dear Mr. Daniel Negreanu;

    I have been watching you play for a long time and feel one of the best things I have tried to take away from your game is your demeanor in how you play. Whenever you get into a bad beat you get right back up and continue to play your game and that’s great.

    Our company has just come up with a unique electronic card protector. This card protector is housed inside a standard 2-1/4″ milled pool ball. When rotated from top to bottom it will display one of three options a player can make. FOLD in red, PLAY in yellow, or RAISE in green. We can also have it engraved with any wording or artwork.

    I think your poker playing has helped changed my attitude about many things. Because of your demeanor when playing cards, I have used the way you play to not worry about bad outcomes and a chance to come up with this unique electronic card protectors design. Because of this, I would very much like to send one to you. This is my way of saying thank you.

    Only a couple questions: What is your favorite pool ball number? How would you like your name engraved on this card protector.

  • Terry Brown

    Need to know why i have not heard from ppa
    have tried several times and several players to find out where my pro number is

  • ron

    I would like to get in touch with daniel negranew

  • Brian McKay

    Mr. Negreanu;

    First let me say I am a very big fan.

    I have a reality poker show concept in which you would be the principle pro representing Pokerstars. Is there any way that I could email you this concept?

    Thank you,

    Brian Mckay

  • Poker Team

    Brian and others, this is not the place to contact Daniel Negreanu. We are simply an online news source for poker. I would suggest contacting him through his site.

    Thanks - Markus

  • aksharr

    Hey Daniel :)

    Hey Daniel, you are on my list of favourite players, You and Antonious Esfandari are like drawing but you both are very different players.
    Im 15 and i have played poker since i was 12. Your poker is the main reason why your my favourite player but also because i think in one highstakes episode i heard u were a vegan… :) )))) that is admirable and i am too.
    I will come play WSOP one day. Id love to play poker full time but my parents wouldnt consider it a ‘good proffession’. I am very sorry about your mum. I know that must be hard. But keep with it and know that all your fans stand by u ..

    p.s im so goner 72 u in WSOP if we play the same table in 10 -11 years :)
    oh and beat phil helmuthh for me….

  • Perry

    Hello Daniel…..I watch High Stakes Poker all the time and sympathize with your losses that you have incurred on that program…..I think you lose Daniel because of two weaknesses. The first weakness being you play too many hands when playing against skillful players (tighten up against the elite players). The second reason Daniel is that you have a tell that lets everyone know when you have a good hand…..Just an observation………If they all know when you have a good hand then they also know when you have a mediocre hand or a weak hand…….It has to do with your reaction time Daniel ………You should react only after allowing a predetermined amount of time to pass. And do this every hand whether your hand is a monster - mediocre or weak. When you have a strong hand your pace quickens.

  • robert williamson

    pokerstars just gets worse and worse every time i play on it, its just stupid ! . i cant believe so many beats can happen, i can actually call out what card is going to come out now, i can even say what the other person has without even seeing their hand, there is a number of reasons when this is actually a complete fact, 1 when your playing heads up and for some strange reason it wants the game over, it will give you a hand which the site has already made up its mind that you cant win no matter what outcome you choose, 2 when your in a tourney and it will fire you out a marginal hand short stacked and someone else slightly better, or it will give you a hand like KK and someone else something stupid like Q10 but they cant fold cause there is to much in the middle, then suck your eyes right out of your head, you will lose in that spot about 8 times out of ten , even tho your about a 80 percent favorite, 3 its actually the worst site i have ever played on , am i right here ? its a farce and a scam, and shame on anyone that wears anything to do with pokerstars on their back, if i qualified for the world series and use asked me to wear something to do with pokerstars, i would say never in a million years , then i would go out and buy a top and a hat that says STROKERSTARS ! ! and wear that everyday instead. thanks for robbing me of all the money i have put into your stupid site, and i haven’t even got as much of 5 dollers of use as a bonus ! because use are the biggest con artists in the world. i will be playing my poker else were from now on , so JOKERSTARS. sorry daniel your my favorite player, so please change site , its stupid and i would be willing to kill myself if them cards are random , in fact i will kill myself, because i know there is not a hope in the world that its a random shuffle. there is a scam there somewhere , it wants you out early for the simple reason you will play another game, hence….. more games played, more money for pokerstars .

  • It doesnt matter

    because you represent pokerstars..u.should know ..I have just closed my account because of the unprofessionalism of the site and its moderators. Abusive chat is not dealt with (racism and abusive comments to others on their pics—”fat chicks”

    moderator came into view the chat and make light of the comments and joked about them, I am tired of nothing being done so I am switching sites……one account is nothing in the whole scheme of things—-blip on the user numbers—-but a pathetic site to allow this to occur…

  • S Halma4

    he daniel….i play on pokerstars last year,,,my ex wife had send a email to support pokerstars and she say that i dont play on pokerstars eneymore……our relation is over and i whil play on pokerstars bu i cant…….i have never troubles whit pokerstars and i will play on pokerstars….my id is ceacar1 and i will play but supports pokerstars will not that i play anymore…….its not my fould while my ex had send email that i doesnt want to play enemore, my ex can not send a email whitout my id card /
    i will play on pokerstars but i can ,,,can you do something for me…..silvester

  • Andy

    just recently i have been playing real money…quite modestly i assure you…..BUT my trust in the validity of poker stars has led me too some quite perplexing issues.
    One major concern is that I had two pair and my opponent had one pair….I lost and he won….which isn’t about the money but about the gibberish that pokerstars is feeding me about it….Now, i have been playing poker all my life…I know what is what……and Negreanu your a professional and it comes down so simply…..i have two pair…he has one pair…..who wins?
    My girlfriend and I watch poker on TV ALL the time……..if anyone has any feedback……especially a professional email me….(hellmuth would have ALOT TOO SAY…hahahaa)
    I don’t lose out on this but Pokerstars will….if i continue to feel that i was cheated….play for real money? not a chance

  • Moefz

    Hey daniel, i’m play poker for 2 and a half years now, but i want to play bigger tournaments now, do u know how to get sponsors? It would be a dream to play on a big tournament; this is my email adress:

    Thank you for reading this

  • Jessehickman98

    Mr.Negreanu, hello i’v been playin for six years,low end casinos makin a livin i to a’m goin to be 37 on  sept.30 .Anyways i know you have people chumping at the bit hourly,,but i was wondering if you had any openings for me at your school ,have alot to offer as far as the  abilty  to read people ,well timed agg…things like that ,anyways good luck to you….and remember  ”he who laughs last,laughs the loadest” 

  • Steve Jones

    i actually cant help but agree with robert. just came back to poker and played at party poker for a while but decided to move to pokerstars for the extra traffic. beat after beat after beat for everyone. not just me. i’d love to see the stats on 10000 hands there is no way they add up

  • Jhonny prieto

    daniel eres lo maximo en el poker ojala tenga la oportunidad de conocerte algun dia yo juego muchas horas al dia para ver si llego a ganar una entrada a un torneo donde te pueda ver de verdad y con el corazon en la mano te felicito y espero que tengas una feliz navidad tu amigo y admirador jhonny prieto. este es mi correo

  • Grasshopper

    Hi Daniel, I find Poker-stars innovation with the Big Game very refreshing, I have an idea for a new format of Poker that I am sure would be a success on TV and indeed Poker-Stars. The format could change the way we play Poker, or at least give another choice to players worldwide.If you are interested please reply and we can discuss the best way to introduce the idea and format if you believe it is viable.
    The cream will rise to the top.

  • Jonhsmith

    i can put u to work mississippi

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