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Negreanu Sounds Off on Annie Duke

by Omar

It is no secret that Daniel Negreanu is one of the more popular poker players around. He doesn’t play in the nosebleed games frequented by some of the other pros like Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan. He is not known for multi-tabling online, choosing instead to focus his energy on one table at a time. What he is however, is honest, brutally so at times in fact. He authors one of the more popular blogs on the internet and is not at all shy to give his opinion on things, whether solicited to do so or not. He is not one to temper his words with political correctness, instead, laying it all out there for the world to read.

Keeping this in mind, a newly released online interview of Negreanu is causing quite a stir on the forums. In the piece conducted by, “Kid Poker” touches on a wide ranging variety of topics from the evolution of the game of poker to WSOP bracelet side bets. However, it was a seemingly innocuous question regarding this year’s ladies’ event that caused Negreanu’s blood to boil and draw the strongest reply. As has been well-documented, several male players signed up for and participated in the Ladies’ Event, some dressed in drag. Though we can’t print certain things Negreanu was quoted as saying in the article, we will paraphrase it.

Negreanu started off by saying that he did not at all find the stunt by the male players, which included some top flight online pros like Shaun Deeb, amusing. Of the stunt, he said

“What irked me is men playing, using tampons as card protectors, and Shaun Deeb wearing a dress. I like Shaun Deeb, though. He’s a good kid – I think he was just misinformed.” He saved his harshest words, however, for someone who did not participate in the event at all, poker pro Annie Duke. Of the sponsored pro, he said “But then Annie Duke sticks her nose out and says, ‘Good for you, men, standing up for sexual equality.’ What a load of baloney! They are not standing up for sexual equality. Then she made some points in her blog that she thinks this event should be abolished, and I’m thinking, there are 1,000 women who love to play poker with each other, and don’t want to have to deal with guys burping, farting and using tampon card protectors and stuff like that.”

He went on to say:

“What irked me is that this woman has the audacity on her website to call herself ‘the best female poker player in the world’. So on one side of the coin she’s fighting for, ‘Oh, we’re all equal, there shouldn’t be any gender thing,’ but when appropriate she decides to call herself the best female poker player in the world.”

He then closed with an expletive insult to describe just what he thinks of Duke, a sure sign that he has zero respect for her. At present time, it does not appear that Duke has made any response nor any plans to do so.

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