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Negreanu Seeks out Sparring Partner, Maybe Isildur1?

by Omar

Can this man just get a game? Fueling the speculation that he is in fact gearing up for a highly anticipated match-up with Isildur1 in an upcoming installment of the Superstar Showdown, the face of PokerStars, Daniel Negreanu took to the New, Views and Gossip section of popular poker forum last night looking for an opponent. In the post recorded at 8:04PM ET, Negreanu wrote:

“Hi all, I was just wondering if any of you wanted to play me 4 tables of $5-$10 NLH on PokerStars at 6pm PST tonight. I’m looking to play 2500 hands if possible. Never made it past 1050 hands, but would like to try and push myself.

I want to play at the 40-100 tables against someone willing to do max buyins. I’ll play the first person who responds to this thread and is willing to play.”

Within the first 30 minutes, there were over 75 responses to the post, though none actually took “Kid Poker” up on the offer though it seemed like a fantastic opportunity for a virtual unknown to obtain some notoriety.

Since Isildur1’s, whose real name is Viktor Blom, arrived at PokerStars, the rumors of a potential match against Negreanu, the online giant’s most recognizable player begin to swirl immediately. It was a dream match on so many different level; old school vs. new school, poker legend vs. hot newcomer, and disciplined vs. reckless to name just a few.

Negreanu’s post essentially confirmed the possibility of a future contest with Blom as 4 heads up tables for 2500 hands are the exact parameters of the SuperStar Showdown and it wasn’t the first time that Negreanu had mentioned never playing under those parameters before. Given all of the media coverage surrounding the first Blom Showdown’s on the site, the potential dream match would seemingly put public interest off the charts. It seems as though the moment we are all hoping for is indeed almost upon us.

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