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Negreanu Responds to Challenge from Matt “ADZ124″ Marafioti

by Poker Team

Sometimes, attaining personal achievement comes with some kind of price. For Daniel Negreanu, even being a highly popular and highly successful ambassador of the game doesn’t make him immune from being called out by others looking to make a name for themselves. This seems to be the case as an unknown player named Matt “ADZ124″ Marafioti has issued a challenge to the Canadian poker pro and appears to be looking for his 15 minutes of fame. The fact that he issued the challenge in the first place has already gotten him media attention that he never would have achieved otherwise.

Details of the Marafioti and Negreanu Challenge

On a blog post at, Marafioti challenged KidPoker to play heads up poker at any stakes and even took the bold step of offering to pay Negreanu a $500 hourly salary to do so. In addition, he wants to have a $100K prop bet on who would earn more money at the next 10 live events both enter simultaneously. There are rumors that Marafioti boasts over $5 million in online earnings but has not been substantiated.

When reached for comment on the challenge during a break at the WPT Championship in Las Vegas, Negreanu smiled coyly and said,

“If I wasted my time responding to all the completely insane nutjobs on the Internet, I wouldn’t have enough hours in the day. He falls directly into that category of social misfit.”

Given those statements, it does not appear that this will ever happen. Negreanu does not seem like the type to need to affirm his status among the game’s elite, especially in a situation such as this where he would have nothing to gain. Win and he wins because he was supposed to. Lose and his name is tarnished.

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