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Negreanu Pledges to Alter Focus in 2009

by Poker Team

In a revealing holiday post to his blog at his Full Contact Poker’s website, Daniel Negreanu mused about the changing dynamics of the game of poker and how the state of the game is making him take a step back to re-evaluate just what it is he’s going to be doing in 2009. Negreanu writes about his need to cut back on his extracurricular and outside activities in regards to teaching and traveling. Though Negreanu details his expected tournament participation for the calendar year, the shift from his focusing on training is surprising to many readers of the web forum.

In his blog, Negreanu writes:

“In a nutshell- I’m cutting back… big time. Cutting back on all of the extra “stuff” that I do and also going to lighten my load in terms of travel. PokerVT is something I’ll continue to put my efforts into and teach those that sign up, but aside from that I’ll be doing a lot less teaching. People are already getting better and just giving away my secrets is starting to feel like a bad idea. Not because I don’t think I’ll be able to win, but more a case of, why should I? Seriously, for like 10 years now I’ve been doing that and I’m not so sure I want to anymore. I’ve done enough.”

One of the games top tournament players and highly respected pros, Negreanu’s PokerVT business is rapidly growing in membership among aspiring players. However, it would appear that Negreanu is perhaps ready to accept a more executive function with less hands on teaching of the players which includes making videos available to his membership.

Perhaps contributing to his decision is the influx of solid poker players who have taken his teachings to heart and may have begun exploiting the very information he has been preaching. What once made him unique is now being adopted from scores of players all over the world and this trend may be causing him to rethink the teaching of what has made him the successful player he is.

While some see the announcement of a sign of frustration of the former player of the year, others see it merely as a refocusing by Negreanu to get back to the basics of what makes him successful while limiting the number of distractions that can be a hindrance to amateurs and professionals alike. Only time will tell if he will in fact go through with his new mission statement.

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