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Negreanu Makes Costly Click in SCOOP

by Poker Team

As the online poker community watches the action unfold, Poker Stars runs its Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Railbirds watching the $3,000 + $150 buy in event watched pro Daniel Negreanu carelessly flush his opportunity to make some noise in the tournament crash and burn. His crime, a mis-click which caused him to lose two thirds of his chips.

During Level 20 of the tournament, with the blinds at $1,250/$2,500 with a $325 ante, an early position player raised to $6,050.  Negreanu, who starts the hand with $326,852 in chips makes the call from the button.  The small blind re-raises to $22,500 and the original raiser moves all in For $215,709.  Negreanu instantly calls as does the small blind and in the chat box, Negreanu types “Oh, no. Misclick” and the cards for all 3 players.  One player had AK of diamonds while another had pocket 10’s.  Negreanu’s 3-4 of spades was a distant third and though he paired his 3 on the flop, he lost the majority of his chips in this hand.

The hand history quickly made its way onto the twoplustwo message boards and players have been discussing it ever since.  The likeable Negreanu garners some actual sympathy by the majority of posters while some suspicious players thought that perhaps he just felt like gambling it up and posted the misclick in the chat just to save face.

Immediately following the hand, he posted his goof on his twitter page though the note was removed a short time later.  At present time it is not known how far Negreanu went in the tournament nor if he is in contention.  In any case, recovering from a mistake like that must be difficult, even for one of the best.

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