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Daniel Negreanu Looking to Pump up the Volume

by Omar

No one can really doubt the claim that as time has gone by, poker, both online and live, has become more and more of a younger person’s game. No better evidence for this fact is looking at the most recent World Series of Poker Main Event Champions, none of the last 3 have been over 26 years of age at the time they won. The fact isn’t exclusive to the WSOP either. All over the world, we are seeing winners getting younger and younger. The most obvious reason being that players are being introduced to the game at younger and younger ages. Take a young person, without the plethora of responsibilities that befall the older generation and you have people that have more time on their hands to perfect their craft.

“Old’school” players are aware of this and have taken notice. One player in particular, PokerStars own Daniel Negreanu has decided to take action and do something about it. Though no one knows for sure if the presence of phenom Viktor Blom on the PokerStars roster has anything to do with it, but Negreanu has recently announced on his blog that in 2011, he plans to significantly step up the amount of hands he plays and perhaps even make a run at the SuperNova status on the site.

In his blog, he wrote,

“The best No Limit Hold’em players in the world today are mostly young. It’s just a fact and if you look at tournament results over the past few years, it’s trending younger and younger. Why? The younger players are using more advanced tools to break down the game, discussing hands with friends and on forums, and most importantly are putting in more volume than the older generation… One of my goals this year is to accumulate over 55,000 VPPs on PokerStars,” said Negreanu, who plays as “KidPoker” on the site. “I got 55,000 last year, my highest total ever, and I plan on getting to 60,000 this year, and possibly even reaching SuperNova status. One of the best ways to do it, I found, was to play the $5,600 buy-in heads-up No Limit Hold’em Turbo sit and gos.”

Thus far, Negreanu is well on his way to reaching his goal as he already has racked up over 16,500 VPP’s, largely in part to playing 30 of those heads-up sit and gos, winning at a 70% clip. He also mentions wanting to work on practicing multi-table $5-$10 heads up cash games. SuperStar Showdown Part 3 anyone?

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