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Negreanu Continues to Rant Against

by Omar

The firestorm of criticism being aimed at Prahlad Friedman’s rumored signing with has seemingly taken a life of it’s own as the speculation reached a crescendo over on the message boards.

Thus far, one of the most vocal critics of Friedman has been the face of PokerStars, Daniel Negreanu. It began with a series of inflammatory tweets but has continued picking up steam and the latest Kid Poker rant comes from his own personal blog in which he clearly has a lot left to say.

Negreanu’s latest sheds some more light on why he is so anti UB and it extends beyond the cheating scandal involving Russ Hamilton. He begins his diatribe by once again making clear that at no point has he ever signed any type of contract with the site, especially after the merged with fellow embattled site, Absolute Poker.

He does however admit that he was approached by them to invest in the company. He states:

“When they first launched I was offered an opportunity to invest in the company (ielogic). We were all told that Russ Hamilton would not be investing or involved. He has a checkered past and everyone knew he was a scumbag. I decided not to take the risk by investing, but others did only to find out that Russ was an investor and also a big part of the company.”

It should be noted that Negreanu does not provide any hard, concrete evidence of Hamilton’s involvement in the company; rather, he points out some names of what he believes were figureheads placed in the org structure to mask Hamilton’s involvement.

The blog post is rather new and as of now, no twoplustwo posters have commented on Negreanu’s latest rantings.

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