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Negreanu Beats Blom in Round 2

by Omar

For the past two weeks, the eyes of the online poker community have been fixed on a special two-part Superstar Showdown between Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.  The two players are the most recognizable names over on PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site.  Negreanu is the face of the company, the most popular sponsored pro that represents the site while Blom is the hottest name in poker.  
On March 20th, the duo locked up against each other in the first of two scheduled matchups that has fans from all over the world buzzing. That contest got ugly early for Negreanu as he was absolutely picked apart by the hyper aggressive player from Sweden.  The contest lasted just 1,500 hands before Blom held all of the chips, scoring a decisive knockout against one of the world’s most respected and popular players. In that contest, Negreanu ran pretty poorly and lost every medium to large pot contested. Last night, they sat down for round 2, and early on it appeared that the result would be the same.
At around the halfway point, about 1,200 hands in, Blom was up $120K against his new rival and it truly seemed as though Negreanu was headed towards the same embarrassing feat as the week before.  This however, was not to be. Kid Poker roared all the way back and managed to push the contest to the full allotment of 2,500 hands. When it was over, Negreanu seemed a bit surprised to learn that he was indeed the winner. In fact, it was by a reasonably small margin as he was up just $26K as Blom congratulated him on the victory.
Early on, Blom continued to frustrate his opponent, continuously outdrawing him when he had the worst of it. For example, Blom took down a big $27K pot when his runner-runner full house bested Negreanu’s flopped flush.  A short time later, Negreanu got Blom to push his stack all-in preflop with AQ while he held a dominating AK, only to lose when Blom spiked a Queen on the flop.  Hands such as these frustrated Negreanu to the verge of tilt, evidenced by his chat box comment that he had destroyed several items in his room out of sheer frustration.  Things swung in his direction for good as he took down a $56K pot with pocket aces.
The loss dropped Blom’s record in Superstar Showdowns to an impressive 5-2, his lone other loss being the first contest he played against Isaac Haxton.  Blom is scheduled to take on Scott Palmer this coming weekend.
Following the contest, Negreanu went out of his way to compliment his opponent. “Isildur1 is incredible. I hope to do a training session with him one day. He’s the best.”
Even the best in the game are capable of admitting they still have much to learn.

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