Negreanu Bankroll Challenge - Turn $10 into $100K

by Poker Team on January 22, 2009

Similar to what Chris “Jesus” Ferguson did when he attempted to create a bankroll from nothing several years ago, Daniel Negreanu is well under way with a personal $10 challenge in which he is seeking to turn his $10 into $100,000 in about 3 years time.  Playing exclusively on PokerStars, the poker pro began with $10 at $0.01-$0.02 and not moving up in limits until I he has 500 big blinds for the next limit bump.  For example, if and when he manages to reach $25, he will be able to move up in stakes to $0.02-$0.05.

Either seeking a way in which to challenge himself, or perhaps simply generate interest in his training site, Negreanu has pledged to document and record the sessions as he begins his quest.  He will be blogging about progress regularly as well as posting the videos on the aforementioned pokervt.

The key to reaching his ultimate goal is a well-defined and strict bankroll management requirement.  Here are Negreanu’s bankroll management guidelines for his challenge as of January 21.  (These guidelines are available on his blog on

BankRoll Management Guidelines for Daniel Negreanu

1. He won’t move up in limits unless he has 500 big blinds for that limit. He’s starting at $0.01-$0.02 with a $10 bankroll.

2. When possible, his buy in amount will allow him 5 buy ins at that limit. For example, if he has $5 left, his buy in for the game will be $1. He will continue to do that until he dips below the min buy in.

3. He will play only NL cash games. He’ll try to play full ring games as much as possible.

4. If he doubles his bankroll in a session he’ll quit on his blind to avoid risking too high a percentage of his bankroll in any one hand.

5. At about the $5-$10 limit he may decide to increase the number of big blinds required to move up in limits. Negreanu says 500 BB’s is plenty for the micro games, but could be short for the higher limit games with better opponents. He will base his decision on when to do that at his discretion.

6. He may also lower the buy in amount for the higher limit games from 1/5th of his bankroll per session to 1/10th of his bankroll per session.

7. When the amount needed to reach a goal is less than the 1/5th of the bankroll buy in, the buy in will be equal to the amount needed to reach the goal. Example: If 1/5th of the bankroll is $4.50 but you only need $2.50 to reach the goal, the buy in for the next session will be $2.50.

Please note however, that Negreanu’s plan differs from conventional bankroll management in the sense that he has stated he will not move down in stakes. If he happens to go broke during this experiment, he will simply give up, not on poker, just the experiment.  This is in contrast to the conventional wisdom that should your bankroll take a hit, a player should move down to get their money back up.  Then again, Negreanu has never quite been a conventional player.  Time will tell on whether he will reach his goal.

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