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MyPokerCard Prepaid Credit Card for Online Poker

by Poker Team

With all the hullabaloo of the UIGEA making it increasingly difficult for USA online poker players to fund their accounts, news is spreading about a new company that is looking to do away with account funding issues. A new company called MyPokerCard offers a product which works as a prepaid credit card which does not tie back to its users’ delicate banking information.

Boasting of instant approval for all customers, MyPokerCard offers a Gold Mastercard to customers whom can reload £500 per day and then use the card at any of the online sites where MasterCard is accepted. The company, based in the UK, boasts having over 500,000 customers already with the number still climbing.

Loading the card is simple. Customers can choose to go into any UK Post Office and reload their card in a matter of minutes. Other deposit methods, including online can take up to two days. Perhaps the best feature of the card is what the company hails as airtight security anti-fraud procedures and that it limits the amount that can be deposited into online gaming sites, thus protecting the consumer from themselves potentially.

Though not yet available in the United States, should this product reach US soil, it could pave the way for a new wave of online poker players who until now have been unable to enjoy their favorite online poker games.

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