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MTT’s vs. SNG’s - What to play

by Jeremy

When it comes to starting out in online poker, most players opt for sit and go’s in the beginning. After all, SNG’s are over quickly and people can play lots of these single-tournament tables within a short time frame. But at some point, all tourney players venture into the land of multi-table tournaments in search of bigger scores.

Sometimes grinders are conflicted about what to play once they’ve experienced both MTT’s and SNG’s. This being said, let’s attempt to find out which form of poker tournaments is superior.


Most poker players hate poor variance runs where they go forever without cashing. This being said, you can definitely score a victory for SNG’s here because players stand to cash a lot more. For example, the average player could expect to cash in a 9-player SNG three out of nine times (there are three cash spots). Contrast this to an MTT where there could be hundreds or thousands of players, and only the top 10-15% cash.


Those looking to turn a small investment into a huge score will definitely appreciate MTT’s. The reason why is because the large player pools create some relatively big prizes compared to your buy-in. And if you’re good/lucky enough to win, you’ll earn a huge payout through an MTT.


While the availability of big prizes is a plus for MTT’s, it also attracts plenty of good players. So on average, you are more likely to find softer competition in SNG’s, which is always great for making profits.

Length of Play Time

Those who are purely recreational poker players will get the most bang for their buck in MTT’s. Seeing as how MTT’s can be quite long, your buy-in will go much longer than what you can commonly expect from SNG’s.

It seems like we’ve come to somewhat of a stalemate when deciding if SNG’s or MTT’s are better. Instead, you simply need to consider what your personal preferences are and use this to decide what you’re going to play.

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