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MR B 2 U SON’s Two Suckouts on Ivey Lead to Profitable Session

by Poker Team

The player known as MR B 2 U SON has had a very bad past two months. Yesterday, this player tried to return back to profitability by playing heads up $500-$1000 Pot Limit Omaha against Phil Ivey. Though most players would tell you this isn’t an ideal way to try to make some money, MR B 2 U SON did have some success, sucking out on Ivey to win two key pots. The manner in which he played the hands however may give some insight into why he has been losing as of late. Here is a synopsis of those two key hands at Full Tilt Poker.

Hand #1

MR B 2 U SON held 9s-8s-7d-9d in the big blind and Ivey raised to $3,000. MR B makes the call and the flop was 4s-5d-3h giving MR B an overpair. On the flop, MR B checked and Ivey bet $4,000 which MR B called. The turn card was the 3 of diamonds pairing the board and giving MR B a flush draw. This time both players checked. On the river, things got crazy when the 9 of hearts hit. MR B checked, Ivey bet $12,000 and MR B essentially put him all in with a $50,000 check raise. Ivey called and mucked his hand as the river 9 gave MR B 9’s full of 3’s and the $114,000 pot.

Hand #2

MR B 2 U SON was holding Ac-4c-8h-6d in the big blind. Ivey called the extra $500 to complete and MR B raised to $3000. Ivey makes the call and the flop was 7c-5h-7h. MR B led out with his open-ended straight draw for $4,000 and Ivey raised to $14,000 and MR B called.

The turn card was the 6 of spades completing MR B’s straight. This time, MR B checked, Ivey bet $34,000 and MR B put him all in for about $8,300 more. The river brought the Jack of Hearts and MR B took down the pot of $118,998. Ivey showed 2c-2s-4s-7s as he had flopped three 7’s. Perhaps the argument could be made that Ivey could have folded preflop, but once the hand hit the flop, he was too short stacked to get away from his trips.

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