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More Updates from the Absolute Poker Cheating Scandal

by Poker Team

The ugliest and most troubling scandal in the history of online poker just got a little bit uglier and more troubling. Though out of the public eye for quite some time, apparently, there have still been people doing research and due diligence in attempts to uncover more details as to exactly what went on at Absolute Poker during the cheating scandal.

All those following the history of this story know that the center of the issue were the presence of “superuser” accounts which enabled holders of those accounts to be able to see the hole cards of all players at a table. What remained unclear however was who was at the center of the cheating and just how many of these superuser accounts actually existed. Research conducted by former editor of, Haley Hintze has revealed that it appears that the main ringleader of the cheating was Absolute co-founder Scott Tom.

During the lengthy investigation, Hintze was able to uncover a great deal of key evidence including incriminating screenshots as well as intra-player transfer records. Tom was the holder of an AP account named “PotChopper” beginning in June 2005. Hintze now has an exhaustive list of all of PotChopper’s logins as well as those of an account named PotRipper, the screenname of the key superuser revealed in earlier investigations. Through some complex tracking and matching, Hintze was able to link those two accounts as well as those of GrayCat and Doubledrag, two other well-discussed superuser accounts. These links seem to indicate that Tom was in some way, shape or form, linked to the entire bunch of cheating accounts.

Other key pieces of uncovered evidence are the financial records. For example, in September of 2007, PotRipper was the recipient of a transfer in excess of $70K. To avoid an internal audit, Tom allegedly had a note placed on all of the cheating accounts. The note read “HEADS UP. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT FOR ANY REASON. ISSUES PLEASE CONSULT WITH BRENT, ADRIAN OR NOLAN.”

However this plays out over the next several days, weeks and months, it would be safe to assume that the online poker community is going to want answers from Absolute’s new ownership to dispel any thoughts of a possible ongoing cover-up. After all, if Hintze was able to figure all of this out, one would reason that the Absolute executives would have to know about it as well.

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