More Evidence Surfaces with POTRIPPER and Absolute Poker Founder

by Poker Team

Just when they thought things may have settled down, Absolute Poker executives must be in full damage control mode as once again, Haley Hintze has uncovered more evidence against Scott Tom and his primary role in the appalling Absolute Poker cheating scandal. In late April, Hintze released some troubling screenshots and empirical data showing more details of the superuser cheating. This time, Hintze is showing details of the complex web of deceit which links several accounts to the wrong doing.

Once again, much of the information revolves around the “PotRipper” account. Previously, Hintze detailed how another observer was present at each of “PotRipper”s tables when the alleged cheating took place. It is believed that this observer was able to see all of the players’ hole cards and provided the information to Tom who would then make proper plays based on everyone’s holdings. The most damning piece of evidence is that the observing account belonged to an email address of, an email address associated with one of Absolute Poker’s business interests. Once revealed, the email was deleted and in a strange twist, the observer account’s IP address was traced to Tom’s house. This is in direct contrast to Absolute’s maintenance that Tom had absolutely no involvement in any of the improprieties.

As details continue to emerge, it is now being reported that the CEREUS network is scrambling as news has broken about a major flaw in its software that has enabled hackers to view hole cards as well.

It seems rather shocking that after everything that has happened, and the incredible public black eye on the company, they still are not in possession of a water tight security system. On Tuesday night, Joe Sebok, one of the most visible spokespeople for the company has said that the latest incident, though embarrassing was one that was isolated and was quickly rectified. It also seems that Cereus has quite a bit of work to do to secure public trust after the latest lapse in security.