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More Cheating Allegations Against Sorel Mizzi

by Omar

There’s an old popular saying that goes “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  This adage undoubtedly appears, or should appear in the minds of poker players who choose to accept challenges from Sorel Mizzi.  

From different corners from the poker landscape have come several cheating scandal originating from the player whose online name is “Imper1um”. Back in August of 2010, Mizzi was accused of collusion in order to cheat multi-table tournaments.

This occurred while Mizzi was in the midst of serving a two and a half year suspension from Full Tilt Poker for a similar elaborate cheating scandal.  The latest allegations illustrate that Mizzi is brazen enough to try to pull the wool over the eyes of live players as well.

This latest alleged incident happened during the latter stages of the recently completed PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Apparently, Mizzi chatted up 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event runner-up John Racener and convinced him to play Chinese Poker in different sets of 10-hand matches. The winner of each 10-hand set would win $5,000. Racener, feeling some effects of alcohol provided to him by Mizzi agreed and the two began to play. After some losing, Racener began to sober up and at that point he realized that whenever it was Mizzi’s turn to deal, he would deal himself from the bottom of the deck, a surefire sign of cheating.

Not wanting anyone else to be duped by this serial cheater, Racener had one of his buddies start a thread on and within 24 hours, it became the story of the week with scores of railbirds piling on Mizzi as the new allegation spread like wildfire.

It is unknown whether this latest “scandal” will completely destroy what’s left of Mizzi’s reputation, but as of right now, things are not looking good for him

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