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Mixed Reviews for Poker2Nite Poker Show

by Poker Team

This week’s episode of the new poker TV show, Poker2Nite, hosted by Pokerroad’s Joe Sebok and Scott Huff tackled a variety of topics on this week’s episode. Perhaps not surprisingly, the show was met with some mixed reviews. Among the big topic of discussion were the recently announced delay in the UIGEA, Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, as well as some of the record shattering hands played by high stakes newcomer Isildur1.

As part of the legislation discussion, the hosts were able to bring on PPA Executive Director John Pappas. In a live segment via Skype, Pappas stated

“It gives us six months to work with Congress to try to clarify the law so it won’t affect people who want to play poker in the internet… What we’ve done is put the onus back on Congress. We’ll be pushing Congress to move quickly.”

So basically, he reaffirmed what most observers already believe, that this delay, while it in not a total victory for and online poker, it does actually serve as a manner in which to buy more time for the pro-gambling side to firm up their arguments and gather more support. Also reiterated was the fact that people playing online poker are not breaking any laws. The laws which are out there are geared at the financial processing companies.

Following the legal discourse, the hosts went on to discuss the record breaking hands played by the aforementioned Isildur1. In offering his analysis, this is where Sebok came up short in the minds of some viewers who felt his analysis was fundamentally flawed.

On the show, Sebok defended Isildur1’s all in move for so much money on a draw which prompted negative posts on posters who thought that Sebok would have better served the audience by providing more information regarding stack sizes and bet sizes. Other posters claimed that Sebok seemed rather stiff and looked uneasy on television.

Anyone who missed the show may view segments on

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