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MIT creating Poker Bots

by Jeremy

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has always had a special connection to the gaming world ever since the MIT Blackjack team
crushed casinos across the globe for a countless fortune. Perhaps this elite educational institution is at it again because they are running a class on playing online poker along with a poker bot contest.

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As for the actual class, this will be taught by Canadian poker player Will Ma, who is a second year PhD student at MIT and has $685,015 in live poker tournament cashes. PokerFuse wrote about what Ma will be teaching with the following:

The course work consists of playing in a private home game league on PokerStars for play money where students can apply the concepts taught by Ma in his lectures. Though the course is at an introductory level, the topics covered may seem quite advanced compared to those learned at the kitchen table. As a result of the recent evolution in the teaching of the game, topics such as preflop ranges, flop analysis, variance and ICM theory are now introduced to students at the earliest stages of learning.

Along with this basic course on online poker play, there’s also a poker bot competition course where student teams will put programming, game theory, bankroll management, probability, statistics and machine learning together in order to create a bot. Players will have one month to complete the poker bot, and over $30,000 in prize money is on the line.

Fortunately, poker is a complex game so the odds of these poker bots crushing online poker is fairly small. After all, they make plays based on statistics and patterns, and don’t have the same critical thinking as human beings. However, some recreational players might find the going rough against these future MIT poker bots.

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