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Million Dollar Poker Club Wants to Send You to the WSOP

by Poker Team

It’s a novel idea – instead of sponsoring a big name poker player for millions of dollars, take that money and train 50 players for the WSOP instead. Will it work? That remains to be seen but it’s the concept behind the new site Million Dollar Poker Club. Mike McGrath, the Marketing Director at MDPC feels that they’ve got the winning formula.

They’ve turned to Daniel Negreanu and his PokerVT company to train their players and hope to host 50 of them at the 2009 WSOP. If it works it’ll be a great marketing scheme, if they all donk out then it be a wash and no one will hear from these guys again.

They’re looking to expand on the free roll concept and actually coach their sponsored players to make a good showing at the WSOP. It may just work if executed properly and judging by their site it appears that they have a nice program.

Regardless, it’s a great concept and if you’d like more information on this you can view their website at

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