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Mike Matusow Speaks Out On Personal Road to Redemption

by Poker Team

Never a stranger to controversy or speaking his mind, poker pro, Mike Matusowwas given the nickname “The Mouth” as a result of his verbose nature and willingness to brashly make statements both at or away from the poker table. Though he has made a great deal of money during his career, his road has been filled with trails and tribulations, most of which are self-imposed.

On a personal level, Matusow has had to deal with a variety of problems, including but not limited to his issues with addiction, bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As he tried to cope with the mental issues that have plagued him, Matusow reveals in his new book Check-Raising the Devil, Matusow admits that often times, he tried to combat his inner demons through the use of illegal drugs such as Esctasy and methamphetamine which only temporarily alleviated the physical symptoms but also opened himself up to drug problems and issues with the law. He hit rock bottom as he was arrested and convicting for drug trafficking which resulted in a 6-month stint in prison.

As he emerged from his darkest days, Matusow says he is living better and is optimistic of the opportunities before him as he embarks on the 2009 World Series of Poker. He says that it amazes him that the stories he details in his book actually happened to him and perhaps more importantly, he admits that he solely is responsible for his actions and he is trying to use his experiences to help himself and others. His story is one of a daily battle within his own self and winning these daily matchups are the key towards getting his life back in order.

He took 2 years transcribing his memoirs and did so in the hopes that it could effect others struggling with some of the same issues in a positive manner and to do so, he is quite candid and honest in his storytelling. He tries to be forthcoming with what it takes to do what he does and does not try to attempt to sugarcoat any of it. Fundamentally he feels he is a good person who made more than his share of mistakes. It is his hope that by reading his story and listening to his experiences, he can help others avoid the same pitfalls of his own life.

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