Mike Matusow fighting with Brother Scott

by Jeremy

Since beginning his poker career in the mid-1990′s, Mike Matusow has always been a fairly controversial figure. He has been busted for cocaine, served time in jail, gone broke several times, and is well known for his trash-talking antics. This being said, the latest incident involving a public battle of words between him and his brother, Scott Matusow, should come as no surprise.

It all started when Scott posted an article called “Phil Ivey not paying divorce settlement payments” onto Mike’s twitter account. The article basically summarized Ivey’s recent inability (or unwillingness) to pay up on spousal support, and you can read the post here. Not feeling particularly happy about this, Matusow tweeted the following about Scott’s actions:

sorry about the article my crazy brother put out there on ivey its not what i think @ScottMatusow is no longer allowed near my twitter

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This really set Scott Matusow off as he quickly made a new post about his brother entitled “An open letter to Mike Matusow.” Some of the venom that he typed onto the keyboard is shown below:

- Mike, I have said what I have said, and done what I have done because I am sick of your disrespect, belittling your own family to impress strangers. Not only publicly have you said “Ivey is a piece of sh*t” which can be verified from old Quad Jacks podcasts, but you have told me that as well, that he messed up the FTP deal with his lawsuit.

- When I see people like Ivey and even you, blow wads of money like water, while others can’t even fucking eat, I find it disgusting and part of a lot of the problems we face in the world today. Excuse me for being an idealist and actually giving a sh*t about people.

- I see you getting worse and worse with your gambling issues. We went out for our parents anniversary 2 weeks ago.. The entire time, all you could talk about was yourself, your bets, checking the scores on games. You do not consider how you hurt Mom and Dad with your behavior. You seem to enjoy to call Mom only to tell her when you lose, and you exaggerate your losses to her

Scott Matusow’s entire post is laced with disses towards his brother, and it’s definitely an entertaining read.