Mike Matusow complains about Chip Dumping at Hard Rock Tourney

by Jeremy Olson on August 27, 2013

mike-matusow-poker2013 has been a very good year for Mike Matusow. “The Mouth” not only won the NBC Heads-Up Championship, but he also earned his fourth career WSOP gold bracelet in a $5,000 Stud Hi/Lo tournament.

Now that Matusow is back in the poker limelight, he’s been giving some fresh ranting interviews. One such interview took place recently at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (SHRPO), which has made headlines for its massive $11,920,000 prize pool.

As you can see in this video, Matusow’s primary issue with SHRPO is that the tournament uses the same chips every day. Now this wouldn’t normally be such a big deal, but SHRPO also allows rebuys. So as Matusow says, a player could theoretically take chips off of their stack from the previous day, then rebuy the following day and add their old chips to this stack. The end result would be a much larger, unified chip stack.

The Mouth wasn’t done ranting here because he also took aim at rebuy tournaments in general. His big complaint is that skilled pros like Phil Ivey can just keep “firing bullets,” and an amateur would be hard-pressed to win when they have to knock Ivey out when he rebuys six times.

One other interesting point that Matusow discussed was how he took about a month off following the 2013 WSOP to keep himself fresh. In previous years, he’d keep playing immediately after the WSOP and have terrible results on the table. So far, the month off seems to be doing him well since Matusow talked about how he’s doing quite good in a big Stud cash game at the Hard Rock.