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Microgaming Skin Poker Scandal

by Poker Team

Anyone who puts their faith in a Poker skin with a name of ‘Mr Urban Poker’, or ‘Privy Poker’ is a tad naive. Regardless, many players did, and have consequently been abandoned and believed to be owed in the excess of $5.3 million.

To summarize this long-winded, scandalous affair, several poker skins, who dealt with the company Tusk for their licensing and finances, and Microgaming as the operator of the Poker Network, have gone bust, and are unable to process payouts.

Apparently, the blame lies with the company responsible for player account financing, Tusk, who have plunged into liquidation. It is estimated creditors only have $1.3 million available to refund players. Because they are not directly responsible, MicroGaming are refusing to process refunds. One Unibet representative deemed the constant undercutting in bonus deals and rakeback from the skins involved, along with affiliate player stealing, as the primary reason for faltering finances.

So if you had a bankroll on ‘Privy Poker’, it’s highly likely it got flushed away.

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