Micro Stakes Player makes $30k

by Jeremy Olson on January 19, 2012

Most micro stakes players are lucky to average a dollar or two in profits a day because the stakes are so low. Nathan “Blackrain79″ Williams, on the other hand, is a different story because he’s made over $30,000 playing $0.01/$0.02 and $0.02/$0.05 cash games at PokerStars. And what’s funny about this tale is that nobody even took a second notice at Williams until people found out his profits came at such low stakes.

He talked about this by saying, “When PTR came out my exploits at the lowest stakes became public knowledge and it became interesting for people to talk about.” He added, “I guess because no one was playing as many hands as I was and getting such high win-rates, people just thought it was crazy.”

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Williams has decided to take his impressive micro stakes poker career, and turn it into a book called “Crushing the Microstakes.” This book is quite different from the other poker strategy pieces on the market right now because it’s advise is unconventional to say the least. He talks about making preflop raises of at least 10bb or more with premium hands because micro stakes players tend to be calling stations. Also, he says that, with the nuts, you can shove your stack into tiny pots and hope for a call because the money is so low.

The micro stakes pro discussed his work by saying, “I realised that the players you make the most from playing lower stakes are just recreational players - the recreational players really aren’t doing anything to improve, and that’s where most of your money is coming from at the micros.”