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Michelle and Maria Ho’s Sad Exit from Amazing Race

by Poker Team

Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho, for all of their success at the poker table, just may have been the worst team ever to compete in CBS’s hit reality series, The Amazing Race. This weekend, the duo finished in last place for the 3rd time in 7 weeks and was finally eliminated from the competition. Ordinarily, one last place finish is all it takes to lose but due to some very lucky circumstances, their inevitable ouster was delayed time and time again. Perhaps the most embarrassing aspect of their defeat was that they never completed the task and simply gave up, marking the second time they did so. Only two other times during the show’s existence had a team given up on a challenge even once, making their actions ever more questionable.

During the show’s premiere episode, the ladies finished 20 minutes after the next to last team arrived. However, as that team had broken a rule incurring a 30 minute penalty opening the door for the west coast poker players to continue on. During the second episode, their blatant lie of being non-profit workers was revealed as they were recognized overseas by poker fans in an airport in Asia in full view of all the other teams. This act put a big bulls-eye on their backs as other teams quickly realized they were not to be trusted.

Just two episodes later came the first instance of them quitting on a task. Frustrated by their inability to complete one of the show’s signature “detours”, they were unable to finish. However, in another lucky twist of fate, one of the other teams lost their passports, thus knocking them out instead.

Fast forward to this weekend’s debacle. This time, the only all-female team in this season’s show, were forced to choose one of two physically oriented detours, Farmer’s Game or Farmer’s Dance. First they attempted Farmer’s Dance and it quickly became apparent that they would not be able to complete it. So instead, they switched to Farmer’s Game in which they needed to hit golf balls with a wooden mallet far enough to advance. It was immediately obvious that Ho would not be able to do it, so she tanked each of her turns so Michelle could keep trying. Complaining about the difficulty throughout, the team eventually announced they were giving up, prompting the show’s host, Phil Keoghan to arrive and inform them that they were finally out of the game.

The show’s fans, many of whom would pay to have the opportunity given to Ho and Michelle, had to have been revolted by their defeatist attitude throughout, and since Sunday night, they have been skewered on the message boards. It seems their earlier actions prevented any type of sympathy from viewers who may otherwise have otherwise thought the tasks were unfair to a female-only team. Online poker player “medici” said,

This was one of the most pathetic teams ever. They quit twice. And they managed to sneak in once because a team lost its travel documents… How they managed to not even finish this week when the other couple couldn’t count the bells or read their clue and incur a 30 minute penalty is beyond pathetic.

It doesn’t seem they will be asked to appear in any other reality shows anytime soon as they did virtually nothing to show they have any real star power, unless of course someone pitches a show on team dysfunction to one of the major networks.

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