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Is Miami the Next Vegas?

by Poker Team

In a bid to become the “East Coast Vegas”, a title that Atlantic City was never able to quite attain, it’s reported that developers in Miami are pushing forward with ambitious plans to open a high-end casino at the under-construction Miami Worldcenter. The 25 acre “work, live, play” site is currently being built and would house a world class casino spreading ultra high limit games.

While casinos are already legal in some parts of Florida there are currently non attached to a hotel. They’re smaller scale and are limited to the games that they can offer. Even the Hard Rock Casino in Florida only offers slots and low limit poker games. A new constitutional amendment is now being pushed forward that would allow any hotel with more than 800 rooms to have a casino built so long as it’s attached to the current property. This could perhaps pave the way for new construction as there’s no question that key figures such as Donald Trump, who already owns a fair amount of property in Miami would have an interest in such a project.

Considering the current economy and the fact that many people in Miami are still reeling from failed real estate speculation after the rise in condo construction, this could be a shot in the arm for the area. With thousands of condos still empty this could be a driving force to bring more tourism dollars to the struggling beach town.

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