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Merge Gaming doesn’t open to US in August

by Jeremy

Ever since April 15th, when the US Department of Justice shut down some of the world’s biggest poker sites, American players had been flocking to Merge Gaming sites like Carbon Poker and Sportsbook Poker because they were still allowing US players. However, this came to an abrupt halt in June when Merge brought in so many players that they couldn’t process cashouts in a timely manner.

Since June, only existing US players have been able to play online poker at Merge Gaming sites, while potential new players have been shut out of the equation. But those Americans who were hoping to sign up at a Merge site got a glimmer of hope when the poker network announced that they would be taking players some time in August. Unfortunately though, we’re now on the last day of August, and it doesn’t look like any Merge Gaming poker sites are racing to open the doors to US players.

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So this definitely begs the question as to when Merge will actually start taking US players again. Posters at TwoPlusTwo don’t seem confident that it will happen any time soon as “jweez” wrote:

Take a brief look at the Merge Withdrawal thread in IP. Judging by the increasingly worsening withdrawal situation I think it’s safe to assume they will not be reopening to the US in the foreseeable future. Expect US withdrawals to be processing smoothly and reliably before that happens.

Another poster was “krod22″ who wrote the following:

They are never going to open back up. I emailed 3-4 skins last night asking them about this issue and they all responded with the same check back in 1-2 weeks response.

Case closed. It will be 1-2 weeks for the next 6 months.

While these might be glum outlooks, they certainly reflect what players are feeling about the current Merge Gaming situation. Hopefully though, Merge can get these issues settled within the next month or two.

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