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Mike Matusow loses 400K in July on Full Tilt

by Poker Team

Matusow loses $400K at Full TiltThe Mike Matusow, (aka “The Mouth”) rollercoaster continues as his bankroll takes a big hit in the month of July 2008. While a book could be (and has been) written about his struggles, let’s take a quick look at Mike’s life over the last year:

  • Went broke on Full Tilt
  • Won a few 100G’s on Full Tilt
  • Went broke on Full Tilt
  • Won a few 100G’s on Full Tilt
  • Went broke… (You get the picture)

Matusow Prop Bet with Ted Forrest

It got to the point where Mike was asking railbirds for cash on Full Tilt and reportedly was “suspended” from Full Tilt for a period (this remains a rumor). So what’s a good way to get your bankroll going again after taking a 6 (maybe 7) figure loss? Accept a prop bet from Ted Forrest, of course. During last years WSOP a bet was made between Mike and Ted that Mike couldn’t drop 50 pounds in a year. The stakes? One Hundred Grand, and we’re not talking about the candy bar. At the time, Mike weighed in at 231 pounds. To win the bet, he’d need to check in at 181 at this years 2008 WSOP. Long story short, Mike lost the luggage and collected his 100G. Shortly thereafter, he hit the virtual felt in between WSOP play and a few good cashes.

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$400K in losses in July

To most observers, it would have seemed that Matusow was on a great upswing. However, things apparently spun out of control after his 30th place finish at the Main Event, sending him off on hyper tilt. After going bust holding A J to his opponents A 9, Mike turned to his long time mistress for comfort. Her name is Full Tilt Poker and Mike has managed to lose just over 400K in the month of July according to our sources. Do the math and it’s pretty scary, a little over 10K a day is how much Mike has dropped on the virtual felt.

The Trend Continues in August

Thus far, early into August, the story continues to be a nightmare for Matusow. Again, according to our sources he’s in for about $40K in just four days. Hey, consistency counts for something, right? We do wish Mike the best because as long as he has a chip and a chair (and a television), he certainly can entertain with the best of them!

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