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Matusow Kin Sees Potential for US-Based Online Poker

by Omar

First there was the launch of a new online poker site called, next Harrah’s Caesar’s throws their hat into the ring on interstate online poker. A recent blog post made by Scott Matusow, the brother of Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, has led to a widely discussed discussion thread on popular poker forum Over the past several weeks, much speculation has circulated regarding just how Las Vegas casinos would react to the banishment of offshore online poker rooms from the US market. Now more than ever, the market is clamoring for a way to play poker in the privacy of their own homes.

It is appearing more and more that Las Vegas was just waiting for something like Black Friday to go down. In his post, Matusow brings up a very interesting point regarding how the UIGEA is worded. The controversial legislation only seems to cover ” funding thru a financial institution illegal gambling”. Las Vegas casinos, however, are based in Nevada, a state in which gambling is not only legal, but regulated as well. Because of that fact, should Las Vegas do what many observers think is their logical next move, set up online poker sites, then it would be up to each individual state to decide whether or not they will permit its residents to play on sites whose origins are in a jurisdiction that allows such an enterprise. Prior to Black Friday, most of the individual states allowed PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to service its residents. In fact, Harrah’s had been in active negotiations to become a business partner of PokerStars in which they would team up to essentially legally circumvent the UIGEA. Had PokerStars been able to team up with the Wynn Hotel, they would have positioned themselves as an interstate poker provider.

However, their plans were foiled when Harry Reid, rumored to have been working with Harrah’s, ordered the Department of Justice to go after the online sites last month. This then paved the way for Caesar’s to get the ball rolling on interstate online poker. It is being speculated that specifically, online poker regulation for interstate games are already being discussed. If these rumors are actually true, that means that Caesar’s essentially used their considerable clout to ensure that PokerStars and the others would not be able to take advantage of the potentially newly opened online poker market.
The telltale sign for any possible conspiracy theories would likely be how quickly Las Vegas-based entities will be able to launch their own online poker sites once the laws are changed, or as Matusow puts it “Once this legal matter is settled with the big 3 offshore sites, then Caesar’s will roll out their ready to go “turn key” online poker site, then others will follow.”
The next several weeks and months will go a long way towards revealing the full story of what’s to come.

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