Maria Ho eyes New Poker Reality Show

by Jeremy Olson on August 7, 2013

Maria Ho is one of the rare poker players who’ve managed to find some semblance of mainstream fame. She was on “The Amazing Race 15″ along with fellow pro Tiffany Michelle, and the pair did fairly well.

Ho’s reality TV career isn’t over yet though because she’s currently eyeing a new poker show. The show is tentatively titled “Queens are Wild,” and there’s no set date on when it’ll air. But Ho does have plenty of information about the upcoming program.

“The show’s really about the characters and their relationships but it’s set in this exciting world where we might be in Monte Carlo one week and the Bahamas the next week,” she said. “It’s about us trying to find a balance between the lifestyle and everything else that’s going on in our lives. Not everyone can relate to the poker lifestyle stuff, which I think they’ll find interesting, but they can definitely relate to the stuff that we’re all going through.”

The worldwide travel aspect definitely sounds interesting, and perhaps it’s something that will entice the genera public. But poker reality shows have never been a lightening rod for success. Take “2 Months, 2 Million” and “I Bet My Life,” for example, which both ran just one season before they were quickly scrapped.

Still, the young poker princess hopes that the general public will find Queens are Wild compelling enough to keep the show running. “People watch reality television because they care about the characters. But they also want to live vicariously through them and experience a lifestyle that’s exciting and compelling,” she said.

Having somebody like Maria Ho aboard your reality show is never a bad idea - especially with the TV experience that she has. And hopefully her experience can help make Queens are Wild a success.