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Major Updates for the Merge Poker Network

by Poker Team

Some big changes are happening in the online poker world with the announcement that the Merge Gaming Poker network is making a major push to improve its current ranking as the world’s 20th largest online poker network. Currently, on average, there are about 225 cash game players at any given time on their sites, but this number is now sure to increase.

At present time, Merge can be found on sites such as Carbon Poker, ACED, PokerHost and several other smaller sites. In addition, the best rakeback special they offered their customers sat at 30% rakeaback.

Merge Rakeback - 35%

This is where the news gets exciting as Merge has announced that they are increasing the rakeback maximum to 35% for select players. This increase, though not quite as high as some of the heavy hitters, now rivals those of some larger, more popular poker sites. They are able to offer this increase because they are all set to welcome some new sites to their family of sites on the network. Of the new arrivals, perhaps the two best-known are PlayersOnly and Up until now, they were both members of the Cake Poker network but are poised to move onto, what they hope will be, greener pastures.

These are significant additions because industry insiders expect the move will more than double the amount of players on the network. An increased player pool thus paves the way for the ability to offer higher rakeback, a win-win for everyone involved. This also makes Merge even more attractive to the higher skilled players as there is a widespread belief that PlayersOnly has a large percentage of less-skilled players on their roster, always an attraction as far as the sharks are concerned. The move is a bit of a blow to the Cake Network who currently sit in 10th place in terms of player volume.


Another unique new member to merge is an up and coming sportsbook called BroburySports. Brobury Sports is a site that offers sportsbetting and now poker to its customer base with a bit of a twist. When they were founded back in 2008, they recognized they were entering a well-defined industry where most of the big players had already been established. As a result, they set up a system in which they operate as a type of sportsbetting boutique, in which they personalize the user experience to cater to each individual client. Each new customer is assigned to a specific player representative who will handle all of your queries, issues and requests for as long as you do your gaming with them. No more getting lost in the sea of customer service reps who treat you as a number with a dollar value assigned. They are hopeful that bringing this approach to poker will be well-received by poker players looking to truly get the most of their online poker experience. Now joining forces with the growing Merge Network, it seems that the true winners will be their players.

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