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Magic Johnson discusses Michael Jordan’s All-Night Poker Games

by Jeremy

Famed basketball player Michael Jordan has always had a penchant for gambling. In fact, he once ignited a controversy after being seen gambling in Atlantic City the night before a big playoff game against the New York Knicks. This being said, it should be no surprise that Earvin “Magic” Johnson recently talked about how Jordan used to stage all-night poker games during the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Both Magic and Jordan were members of the 1992 USA Dream Team, and they spent a lot of time together off the court. And as Johnson told TWIRI Sports in what was made into an animated short, Jordan played so much poker that he sometimes slept just one hour.

Johnson told TWIRI that they were once playing poker until four in the morning, and Scottie Pippen and Charles Barkely could no longer stay awake. However, he and Michael kept on playing because Jordan wanted to “get his money back.”

When 6:00am rolled around, Jordan went and slept for one hour, woke up and made his 8:00am golf tee time, came back and ate something, and scored 20 points in the first half of an Olympic basketball game. Following the game, Michael started another all-night poker game and basically repeated the exact same schedule - still managing to dominate on the basketball court the next day.

For the average human, it takes plenty of discipline and dedication to stay on top of a professional sport; but apparently normal rules don’t apply to “His Airness.” This being said, the fact that Jordan could play poker for so long and still embarrass fellow professional players on the court is amazing to say the least.

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