Big Macau Cash Games running Again

by Jeremy

It used to be that the Bellagio’s “The Big Game” was the premier destination for high stakes cash play. However, the high stakes poker cash game scene seems to have shifted from the Bellagio to Macau, with pros and businessmen alike sitting down at the tables.

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Star poker players like Tom Dwan are already back in Macau for the games, while high stakes player/Cirque du Soleil owner Guy Laliberté and other prominent players are expected to join him soon. Asian Poker Tour co-founder Tom Hall made an appearance on the TwoPlusTwo forums to discuss all of the action. He started by writing the following:

Was in Macau yesterday for some meetings and jumped into the PLO game with Durrr and a few others. Fun game with lots of mad side bets. Should be an interesting week with other big name players coming into town next few days.

He continued by writing about the whole Full Tilt Poker mess before getting back into the Macau high stakes poker games discussion. Another interesting excerpt from his post read as follows:

Macau action continues to be the biggest in the world and whilst I’m not going to comment on how much specific people have won or lost, the quantum mentioned is about right and with Guy from Cirque apparently arriving later this week, things could go really mental.

I have just spent a week at the APT event in Goa at the Casino Royale, the first international ranking tournament that was held in India. You want soft games, go there, without a doubt the softest tournament fields ever, even I managed to luck box a side event.

You can read the whole TwoPlusTwo post on the matter here, and make sure to check back here to get the latest big stories from these cash games. Supposedly, Dwan lost $2.6 million in one session already!