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Luke “FullFlush1″ Schwartz in High Stakes Crusade

by Poker Team

Luke Schwartz’s obnoxious, brattish behavior on the poker tables is akin to that of a fishy, micro stakes wind-up merchant, who makes it his business to abuse every other player at the table. But Englishmen Luke ‘FullFlush1’ Schwartz is no small stakes flamer. He’s one of the hottest NL Hold’em players on the planet right now, and he’s causing a real rumpus on the high stakes online tables.

25 year old, London born Schwartz has gambling in his genes, with his American parents introducing him to 7 Card Stud at the age of eight. Before university, he spent a gap year pool hustling and beating pub fruit machines, courtesy of a foolproof strategy he picked up from a friend. He first dabbled in online poker in 2005, using his gambling winnings to take shots  at $5/10. The swings were initially too much for Schwartz, and he admits bankroll management was virtually non-existent back then, but a victory in the Pokerstars Sunday Million put him back on track. Since then, he has found success on a string of European sites, and has recorded a profit of around $1.5 million in 2009 on Full Tilt Poker.

In light of the volatile nature of PLO, and sick swings at these ‘nosebleed’ stakes, there seems be a sense of mutual respect amongst the likes of Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan. But Luke Schwartz shows no decorum. To put it bluntly, he’s here to take your money, and remind you how easily he’s taking it in the process. Whether it’s a casual jibe or foul-mouthed tirade (Schwartz has previously been chat banned on Full Tilt) Schwartz isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Here is a transcript of a conversation he had with cool Finn Patrik Antonius:

__FullFlush1__: yo golden trollocks
__FullFlush1__: wanna play 4 tables instead ?
Patrik Antonius: sry im very tired
__FullFlush1__: ok np boss
__FullFlush1__: prob not the best idea to play the best in the
world when your tired then full stop

Schwartz polarizes public opinion. Many players, whilst acknowledging his talent, label him an objectionable, arrogant brat. Others, and perhaps rightly, take his jibes with a pinch of salt, and appreciate their comic value. After all, if poker didn’t have its ‘rebels’ in the likes of Schwartz and Matusow, a chunk of the entertainment factor would be lost. What is remarkable, is the levels of immaturity that Schwartz maintains, in light of the enormous sums of money being passed over at the tables.

Schwartz reserves most of his venom for fellow young sensation Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan. Dwan is the antithesis of Schwartz in everything but poker playing ability (of course, Luke would dispute this) – he is calm, methodical, and somewhat introverted. ‘Geeky’, ‘Nerdy’, ‘durrrrballs’, a ‘cringeworthy guy’ are just some of lighter terms Schwartz uses to describe his nemesis. He has expressed his interest in ‘demolishing’ Dwan in the ‘durrrr challenge’ at $100/200 (incidentally, Dwan has re-taken the lead against Patrik Antonius with the 20k hand mark approaching), and proudly exclaims he is ‘$500k up’ on the shrewd young American. Schwartz’s hatred of Dwan seems extreme to say the least. Perhaps some of it boils down to envy – durrrr’s cool persona means he is a marketing dream. 2009 has been a real breakthrough year for Dwan in terms of achieving poker ‘celebrity’ status – he has appeared on GSN’s High Stakes Poker and NBC’s Poker After Dark amongst other shows. Schwartz may have cracked the ‘big time’ in terms of stakes, but not in terms of recognition. And perhaps this is why he has a bit of a chip on his soldier. But if the trash-talking Brit continues to do the business on the poker table, he will be hard to ignore.

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